Effect & benefits in plants

Effective Microorganisms (EM) for plants and the garden create a healthy environment in the soil and on the leaf surface. Plants develop stronger, with improved germination, flowering, fruit growth, ripening and yield quality. Putrefactive bacteria cannot survive, rotting is faster and build up of odours is suppressed.

  • Brightly coloured flowers, leaves and fruits
  • Intensely tasty harvest with better shelf life
  • Organic help throughout the garden
  • Fertiliser is absorbed better, allowing the quantity to be reduced.
  • Naturally stronger, robust plants are less susceptible to pests and fungal infestation.


Applications for

Organic Gardening - EM Garden

The greatest possible success in the garden can only be achieved by working with nature rather than against it - the more natural, the better. The proven technology of Effective Microorganisms (EM) ensures a successful start to the gardening season.
The "Small garden pack" and "Let´s go green" packages make this start easier.

With nature as a role model - The better care is taken with plants and trees now, the stronger and more resistant they will be for the entire season - EM horticulture. Multikraft products with Effective Microorganisms (EM) provide the optimal basis for this. Healthy soil and strong plants are the prerequisite for vigorous plant growth and splendidly thriving (vegetable) gardens. Besides the soil fauna - insects and worms - it is above all microorganisms (fungi and bacteria) that influence the growth and health of plants. Especially the microbiology in the root area (rhizosphere) is responsible for a sufficient and - what is even more important - for a balanced supply of nutrients to the plant. The use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides disrupts natural cycles and inhibits soil life - especially soil microbiology.


Poorer growth and higher susceptibility to pests of the plants are the result. By using EM technology via the irrigation water, the soil is enriched with a regenerative microbiology and root growth is promoted. Nutrients are made more available to plants, and the plants can make better use of fertilisers - ideally organic fertilisers. The soil becomes crumbly, more fertile and can also store water better. These are now ideal conditions for good and healthy plant development. EM Active", "Terrafert Soil", "Terrafert Leaf" and "MK 5" are liquid concentrates that are added to the water or sprayed on directly. They promote germination, flowering, fruit set, ripening and strengthen the entire plant as well as its resistance to fungal and pest attack. It is precisely the use of such biological aids that promotes the colonisation of beneficial insects, which provide additional support here. The nutrients present and supplied in the soil are also better absorbed and fertiliser is reduced.

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