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Natural care for natural ponds

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Clear water in natural ponds

The build-up of large amounts of algae and sludge, together with cloudy water, are among the most common problems in natural ponds. This is the result of a high nutrient content, among other things. Multikraft pond products support natural cycles, promote plant growth and the breakdown of sludge and stabilise the ecological balance of the water. For clear water in natural ponds, we therefore recommend our specially developed products: Pond Clear and eMB® Starter. 

Pond Clear
1 l bottle From €12.90

The advantages of pond care with EM at a glance

  • Clear water thanks to a reduction in rot and sediment
  • Promoting the growth of plants that compete with algae for nutrients
  • Reducing algal growth
  • Clear visibility

Application – Keeping your natural pond clean

Mix Pond Clear and eMB® Starter together and then dilute the mixture until the solution can easily be applied to the surface of the pond. Depending on the application method (spray, watering can, pump, etc.), dilute the products between 1:5 and 1:10 with water. Apply the mixture primarily in the plant areas, on the edge of the pond and in the water courses. Repeat the treatment at least once a year.

Timing and frequency:

  • To ensure the dominance of the regenerative microbiology, permanently reduce rotting and start the breakdown of sludge, carry out three to five treatments in the first year (at intervals of around four weeks), depending on the amount of algal growth and the thickness of the sediment.
  • Treat the pond at least once a year – ideally twice – depending on the thickness of the sludge.
  • In healthy or relatively new ponds (without a significant volume of algae), it is normally enough to treat the pond once in the spring and once in the autumn. If algae starts to grow spontaneously due to a large build-up of pollen, for example, we recommend carrying out an additional treatment.
  • Pond care can be carried out at any time of year, but the water temperature should not be below 5°C. Ideally, the treatments should be started in the spring or autumn.

Clear visibility in the natural pool

Whereas in ordinary swimming ponds the water body is cleaned by sinking of floating algae and the associated sedimentation, and nutrient competition with algae is created by sufficient planting of aquatic plants, in the natural pool nutrients are bound by the build-up of a biofilm in the filter body. Over time, however, the filter body begins to shift due to continuous growth of the biofilm and the filter performance decreases. Normally, the water circulation is then switched off for a few days, the biofilm dies and the nutrient-rich water (with dead biofilm) is removed from the filter body by backwashing.

Pond Clear
25 l canister €109.90

After backwashing treatment with Pond Clear

After backwashing, treatment with Pond Clear at a dilution of 1:10,000 promotes the build-up of new biofilm.
In addition, we recommend gray EM Ceramic Pipes, which are inserted into flow-through areas.

What to do if backwashing is not possible?

However, some natural pools do not have the ability to backwash. If Pond Clear is now used during the swimming season on installed filter bodies, it may cause dislodging and old nutrients may be flushed from the filter substrate into the swimming area. This would further promote algae growth. If water circulation was turned off over the winter, the biofilm in the filter body will also have decomposed and nutrients would re-enter the swim area when turned on.

By draining water from the filter area, you now have the opportunity to get nutrients out of the entire system, thus old nutrients can no longer enter the swimming area. 

During the swimming season, monthly additions of Pond Clear (1:10,000), which can easily be introduced into the filter body via skimmers or intake hoses, promote the breakdown of nutrients in the filter body and prevent the filter area from quickly becoming clogged again.

Recommendation for use Pond Clear

1 L Pond Clear per 10,000 L water (= 10 m3)

Application recommendation EM Ceramics

Dosage: Always use the indicated amount of EM Keramik grey pipes together with EM Keramik 35 mm pipes!
Application: Distribute the EM Ceramics in bags or on strings in the filter or at flow-through points.


Water quantity Circulated water Flowing water
Grey Pipes + 35-mm-Pipes Grey Pipes + 35-mm-Pipes
< 5 m3 1 Pkg. + 1 Pkg. 2 Pkg. + 2 Pkg.
< 10 m3 2 Pkg. + 2 Pkg. 4 Pkg. + 4 Pkg.
< 50 m3 3 Pkg. + 3 Pkg. 5 Pkg. + 5 Pkg.
< 100 m3 4 Pkg. + 4 Pkg. 6 Pkg. + 6 Pkg.
< 200 m3 5 Pkg. + 5 Pkg. 7 Pkg. + 7 Pkg.
< 400 m3 6 Pkg. + 6 Pkg. 10 Pkg. + 10 Pkg.
< 500 m3 7 Pkg. + 7 Pkg. 12 Pkg. + 12 Pkg.
< 1.000 m3 10 Pkg. + 10 Pkg. 15 Pkg. + 15 Pkg.