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Effective microorganisms for your garden

Discover the power of nature for a healthy, flourishing garden.

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Effective microorganisms for your garden

Discover the power of nature for a healthy, flourishing garden.

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Natural plant strengthening

EM products promote healthy plant growth in a natural way, which leads to improved resistance to pests.


Improved soil quality

Effective microorganisms improve the quality of the soil and promote a sustainable ecosystem in the garden, leading to long-term soil health.


Increase in harvest quality

EM products help to improve the quality and flavour of fruit and vegetables and increase yields.



In this FAQ section you will find specific information and answers about gardening and plants. If you can't find what you're looking for here, take a look at our blog section or fill out our contact form - we'll be happy to help you.


Effective microorganisms in the garden help to restore the natural cycle in a biological way. Our product for healthy soil and strong plants, Roots, is applied in one step when watering. We recommend 10 ml of Roots per 10 litres of watering water.

Our product for flowering plants, Flowers, and strengthening for your vegetables and herbs, Plants, are sprayed onto the plant. Here you can either use our practical spray solutions or mix them yourself: 10ml Plants or Flowers to 1 litre of water.

Yes, you can also spray Plants on ripening fruit without hesitation. Thanks to the 100% organic composition, you do not have to wait any time between the application of our products and the harvest. 

Effective microorganisms (EM) promote beneficial microbes and suppress undesirable ones, thus supporting the ecological balance and counteracting the spread of harmful microorganisms. They contribute to the health of the environment by allowing beneficial microbes to dominate and reducing putrefaction processes.

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Multikraft products can often still be used after the stated best-before date. Just pay attention to the odour: if the product smells of rotten eggs, it is better not to use it. A floating white coating is also not a bad thing: it is fermentation mould and is a sign of quality!

The pests are already here? Even then, you can use natural means to keep the culprits at bay:

Mechanical control: aphids, for example, can be wiped off or sprayed with a strong jet of water. Potato beetles and slugs are best collected.

Spraying natural preparations: Fermented nettle extract, for example, is effective against aphids, spider mites and whiteflies. Fermented garlic and chilli extract is even more intensive and can be used to combat fungus gnats, for example.

The saying "prevention is better than cure" is especially true for fungal diseases, because once the disease has broken out, treatment is often laborious. If rose rust, downy mildew or leaf spot spread, action must be taken. However, this does not automatically mean using fungicides. Even in this case, nature has its own means of supporting the affected shrubs or trees:

Foliar spraying with fermented horsetail extract: Horsetail contains particularly high levels of silicon, which strengthens the plant cells and makes infections more difficult. The application is very simple: Mix 10 - 20 ml of fermented horsetail extract per litre of water and a pinch of EM ceramic powder and spray the infested plants twice a week. The ceramic powder acts as an adhesive.


Effective microorganisms for your flowering plants

For flowering plants, we recommend our natural plant additive Flowers, which strengthens the plants' resistance, promotes flower formation and intensifies the colour of the flowers. It is economical and easy to use and is suitable for use in both conventional and organic gardens.


the product

Strengthen plants & soil with Effective Microorganisms

The entire natural cycle and soil quality is influenced by microorganisms. If this system is disturbed by environmental influences, plants can hardly develop vigorously without external influence.

Effective microorganisms in the garden help to restore the natural cycle in a biological way. They promote soil life and the resilience of plants.


Why is healthy soil important?

Healthy soil and strong plants are the basic prerequisites for colourful flowers, leaves and tasty fruit. In addition to the soil fauna, which consists of insects and worms, microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria have a major influence on the growth and health of plants.

The microbiology in the root area (rhizosphere) in particular is responsible for a balanced supply of nutrients to the plant. Synthetic fertilisers and pesticides can disrupt natural cycles and inhibit soil life. 

Our products for the garden with Effective Microorganisms create a healthy environment in the soil and on the leaf surface. This also increases the resistance of your plants.

Effective microorganisms in compost - how your plants benefit from them

If compost material is mixed with Effective Microorganisms, it matures into valuable compost or organic fertiliser (Bokashi) without being turned by hand. Effective microorganisms in the compost suppress decay. This prevents unpleasant odours. The resulting compost is an ideal fertiliser for improving the soil and promotes the sustainable formation of an extremely nutrient-rich soil.


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