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Pot plants

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Effective Microorganisms for healthy pot plants

Pot plants, both decorative plants and vegetables, have to manage with little room for their roots to spread. Effective Microorganisms help them to grow and thrive nevertheless. By regularly watering and spraying your plants with Multikraft preparations, you also strengthen your plants and activate their natural defences.

The benefits at a glance

  • Promoting root growth
  • Strengthening pot plants naturally
  • Fertilisers can be absorbed more effectively, so the amount needed is reduced over the long term

More on the subject of plant strengthening

How to plant and care for pot plants successfully

The soil must be properly prepared and the plants watered generously with a solution to make sure that they grow well.

The soil must be properly prepared and the plants watered generously with a solution to make sure that they grow well.


Step 1 – Preparing the soil

You must prepare the soil carefully if you want strong plant growth.

Dosage for a 1-litre pot:

  • 0.05 litres organic Bokashi Terra
  • 0.95 litres Multikraft organic black soil for raised beds and vegetables

Mix the black soil with the organic Bokashi Terra and pot up the plants.

Tip: A little sand (in a small dish for example) will loosen the soil. You can mix fresh Bokashi into the bottom third of the pot as a reservoir of nutrients. Mix one-fifth earth with one-fifth Bokashi and top up with three-fifths earth.

Step 2 – Planting and watering

Make a small channel in the soil with your fingers and put the plants in. For outdoor pot plants, cover the earth with grass cuttings. This will protect the soil from strong sunshine and from drying out and will also act as a fertiliser for the young plants.

Tip: The earth ball of the plant should be level with the top of the soil in the pot. Do not plant the plant too deep or too shallow. Leave around 20 cm between each plant to make sure that they have enough space to grow.

Dosage for 1 litre of water:

  • 10 ml Roots
  • 1 litre of water

Water the newly installed plants with the mixture and make sure that the soil is completely moist. (Guideline: You should water a 20-litre pot with 3 litres of the mixture.)

Tip: If you add 10 g EM ceramic power (to 10 litres of water), it acts as an additional soil activator and fermentation aid and supports the plants’ natural defences.