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Clean savings!

Without chlorine, without phosphates, without solvents - and without paying too much. For natural, sustainable and ecological cleaning!

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The concentrated power against large and stubborn stains on all heavily soiled surfaces and textiles. The -15% promotion is also great!

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Just in time for spring cleaning: The Multikraft power pack. Get -15% off our natural cleaners now!

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Environmentally friendly cleaning

The ecological alternatives to conventional cleaning agents: Our eMC® cleaners with probiotic microorganisms break down dirt in a natural way and are effective against heavy soiling.

From the kitchen and sanitary facilities to cleaning textiles, furniture and windows: eMC® cleaners are particularly economical and designed for use in the entire household.


Our natural cleaning products do not harm your health or the environment

Our eMC cleaners are probiotic and based on natural ingredients. They support positive bacteria. The negative bacteria are unable to survive because they are outcompeted by regenerative microorganisms. The cleaning products not only remove dirt, but also provide natural protection for homes. You can clean your house naturally, sustainably and ecologically without chlorine, phosphates and solvents! In addition, the eMC cleaners are food-grade and are particularly effective at removing microbiological contamination. 

How cleaning products with Effective Microorganisms can improve the cleaning process

When you use our eMC cleaning products, you populate the surfaces in your home with positive microorganisms. They clean just as efficiently as conventional chemical cleaners and are only slightly less effective than disinfectants. Surfaces cleaned with probiotic eMC cleaning products have fewer bacteria after 48 hours than comparable surfaces cleaned with chemical products and disinfectants. The high dilution rates of eMC cleaners also help to reduce costs significantly.


Tips for using natural cleaning products with microorganisms

With the help of our hints and tips, you can clean your home naturally in no time at all.

With the help of our hints and tips, you can clean your home naturally in no time at all.

eMC Limescale Cleaner
0.1 l bottle From €7.20

Descaling the shower head

Everyone will have come across a shower head that needs descaling. To remove the limescale, put the shower head in a plastic bag with eMC descaling solution (2.5 capfuls to 250 ml of water) and seal the bag with an elastic band. Leave overnight and rinse with water the next day. That’s how quick and easy it is to descale your shower head. 

eMC Kitchen Cleaner
0.1 l bottle From €5.50

Burnt-on food and unpleasant odours don’t have a chance

To remove food that is burnt-on to your oven or baking dish: spray the area with eMC kitchen cleaner (1 capful to 0.5 litres of water) and leave overnight. 

Do your chopping boards smell of fish, garlic or onions? These powerful odours can easily be eliminated with eMC citrus cleaner. Simply spray the chopping board and leave the cleaner to take effect. It’s also good for cleaning your hands!

eMC Textile Cleaner
0.1 l bottle From €5.90

Washing your clothes with Effective Microorganisms

You can also clean your clothes with eMC products. We recommend using eMC textile cleaner at temperatures up to 40°C. eMC laundry concentrate is ideal at higher temperatures. You can also use wash balls or EM white ceramic pipes for the washing machine, because they split the water molecules and increase the cleaning power of the water.

eMC All-Purpose Cleaner, citrus
0.1 l bottle From €4.10

Clean shoes with no unpleasant odours

At the start of a new season, we get the right shoes out of the wardrobe. To combat unpleasant odours, you can simply spray them with eMC citrus all-purpose cleaner (1 capful to 1 litre of water) and leave overnight. The next day you simply wipe off the shoes, which removes any smells and dirt.

eMC Power Cleaner
0.1 l bottle From €5.50

Removing stubborn stains

Amongst all the stress of working from home, you might accidentally spill your coffee or drop some food on the sofa. This is where eMC power cleaner comes in! You should tackle stubborn stains of this kind on fabrics as quickly as possible. Try eMC® power cleaner first of all. If that doesn’t work, apply some glycerin to the stain and then spray it again with eMC® power cleaner. After this, rub in the power cleaner and leave it to take effect.

eMC Kitchen Cleaner
0.1 l bottle From €5.50

Clearing blocked pipes

Is your shower drain blocked or does the water drain away slowly from your sink? The hair that we shed every day often accumulates in our drains. eMC kitchen cleaner or eMC power cleaner (plus 1 litre of water) help to clear blocked pipes. It is best to leave the mixture of cleaner and water overnight and then pour boiling water down the drain the next day.  The drains will remain clean for much longer and there will be no more blockages.

eMC Oxygen Bleach
0.4 kg can From €8.50

Cleaning your appliances

You can also refresh your electrical appliances, Because our kitchen cleaner produces excellent results when used to clean washing machines and dishwashers. Simply put 2 tbsp. of oxygen bleach into the machine and run the washing machine empty at 96°C and the dishwasher empty at a minimum of 60°C.