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Clean laundry and textiles

eMC Washing Concentrate 25 ml
0.5 l bottle From €12.90

eMC® laundry concentrate

  • Ideal for all washing temperatures
  • The gentle formulation makes it suitable for handwashing
  • Particularly economical
  • Also removes stubborn dirt
  • Helps to keep the washing machine free from limescale and deposits in the long term

Tip: we recommend adding eMC® oxygen bleach to whites and colour-fast coloured clothes. This reliably removes stains and prevents fabrics from turning grey or yellow.

If the clothes are very smelly, we recommend adding one to two capfuls of eMC® textile cleaner at temperatures up to 40°C. Deep cleaning that removes odours. This also allows the laundry detergent to be reduced by up to 50%. If the clothes are only slightly dirty, no laundry detergent is needed.