Antioxidant, regenerative properties of Manju Sea Salt

A high-quality sea salt that is rich in minerals produced using a specially developed process based on EM technology by adding Manju.

Manju Sea Salt


Consume 1-3 pinches of Manju Sea Salt every day - supports well-being and health.


Manju Sea Salt is naturally sourced and completely free of chemical additives. The salt water used is pumped up from the north east coast of Okinawa during the full moon spring tides and then undergoes complex processing. This creates a unique table salt that is based on the qualities of the ocean’s deep water and only contains balanced proportions of valuable minerals and trace elements. A question of taste.

Manju Meersalz Pastillen


Die Manju Meersalz Pastillen nach Gusto oder nach Bedarf lutschen, denn sie sorgen auch in Ihrem Hals und Rachen für ein besseres Wolhbefinden.

Manju Zotter chocolate

Finest organic chocolate with tempting fillings, combined with the beneficial properties of Manju and Manju Sea Salt.

Manju Zotter chocolate


First allow the chocolate to breathe at room temperature and then let small chunks dissolve on your tongue.


Enjoy our range of seasonal flavours.

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