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The more Manju the healthier

You can enjoy Manju not only in the form of the organic fermentation drink. enjoy. With the help of our EM technology, we also process it further into valuable foods such as chocolate, sea salt or fermented turmeric for dietary supplementation.

Manju Sea Salt Pastilles

Doing good to the throat and pharynx.

Suck the Manju Sea Salt Pastilles as you like or as needed to do your throat and pharynx some good.

Good to know:
Careful selection is the root of the special. This also applies to Manju Sea Salt Pastilles. Manju Sea Salt Pastilles, consisting of raw cane sugar from Okinawa, Manju sea salt and starch syrup. The salt of life from the tides of the Pacific Ocean. Manju salt is a high-quality sea salt that is produced using a specially developed process based on EM technology with the addition of Manju.

Manju Zotter Chocolate

The finest organic chocolate with tempting fillings is combined with the valuable properties of Manju and Manju sea salt.

Allow the chocolate to "breathe" at room temperature and let it melt in small pieces on the tongue.