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(Japanese word meaning “the hair”)

Beautiful hair gives you pleasure. You can feel it strand by strand. You can have hair that is glossy and healthy right down to the tips and gives you a sense of well-being throughout the day.

Why are we so enthusiastic about bioemsan hair care?

All bioemsan hair care products are particularly skin-friendly and free from synthetic emulsifiers, fragrances and colourings. Effective Microorganisms intensify the effect of the raw materials and herbs that the products contain. They soothe and care for your hair and scalp.

Extracts of rosemary, nettle, sage, ginkgo, burdock root, lemongrass and horsetail revitalise the scalp. Manju and Manju sea salt protect the scalp’s acid mantle and prevent the hair from becoming greasy again quickly. Mild plant-based substances clean the hair gently. Rosemary, sage, lavender, juniper, tea tree, bergamot mint and basil essential oils give the hair care products a pleasant scent.

Tip: bioemsan shampoos produce less foam than conventional shampoos on the first hair wash. The second time even a small amount of shampoo will form a soft foam. We recommend mixing a small quantity of shampoo with two to three times the amount of water each time you wash your hair and then applying this to your wet hair. To achieve the best effect, leave the shampoo on your hair for a short time and then rinse thoroughly.


Our most popular bioemsan hair care products

bioemsan avocado shampoo
200 ml tube From €25.80

bioemsan avocado shampoo 

for dry and stressed hair

Helps to soothe a dry scalp and stressed hair. Mild surfactants provide particularly gentle care for the hair. Precious avocado oil keeps the hair soft and gives it a silky shine.

bioemsan shampoo rosmary sachet
200 ml tube From €24.90

bioemsan rosemary shampoo 

for normal to greasy hair

Nourishing bioemsan rosemary shampoo for healthy hair contains beneficial organic herbs that nourish and cleanse the hair and the scalp naturally.

bioemsan Shampoo pure sample
200 ml tube From €31.50

bioemsan unscented shampoo 

for stronger hair and greater volume

Our bioemsan unscented shampoo has been developed specially for highly sensitive scalps. Therefore, it contains only the finest ingredients, without any essential oils, to reduce the impact on the skin.