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Bokashi Rub Oil

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Harness the power of nature to relieve tension

This fresh lemon-scented oil from Bali is a combination of natural essential oils and fermented herb extracts based on coconut oil. It is sure to boost your well-being.

bioemsan Bokashi Rub Oil sachet
50 ml bottle From €39.90

The benefits of Bokashi Rub Oil

  • Versatile
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Pleasant lemon scent
  • High-quality natural ingredients
  • Particularly gentle and therefore also suitable for sensitive skin

When and why you should use Bokashi Rub Oil

Bokashi Rub Oil is made up of particularly high-quality ingredients. Because it is produced using Effective Microorganisms, it contains a very high proportion of antioxidative, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients from the herbs that are used. This makes the oil mixture particularly effective.  It can be used for a variety of purposes including massages, varicose veins, bruises and sprains, insect bites, cuts and grazes, cold sores and bloating (if it is rubbed into the abdomen) and nail fungus.


Using Bokashi Rub Oil correctly is easy

Simply apply Bokashi Rub Oil to the skin and rub it gently into the affected area. It is revitalising, refreshing and regenerative, and can also be used as a stimulating bath oil. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Bokashi Rub Oil can be used for the following purposes:

  • Skin care and massage oil
  • Body oil for rubbing into the chest and back in the case of colds and chest infections
  • Rubbing into the soles of the feet in the case of insomnia
  • For tense and sore muscles
  • For minor cuts, grazes and burns
  • Rubbing into the calves in the case of varicose veins
  • Preventing insect bites and alleviating itching
The traditional medicine of Indonesia uses a wide variety of different herbs. My grandmother Dadong Bandung passed on to me a recipe for fermenting herbs that was used in traditional medicine. I have preserved and developed my grandmother’s recipes to create traditional remedies for today. The Bokashi Rub Oil that was originally produced by my grandmother has been adapted to meet current requirements and developed further so that as many people as possible can use it
Dr G. N. Wididana
(Developer of Bokashi Rub Oil)