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Manju lunar treatment

Follow the phases of the moon - with the Manju lunar treatment

An inner cleansing cure is a welcome gift for our body. Did you know that the phases of the moon can support you in cleansing the body? Start the day effectively - with the Manju lunar treatment package!

The advantages of the Manju lunar treatment at a glance

  • Easy to integrate into everyday life
  • Purification in a natural way
  • Neutral taste

What you need for your Manju lunar treatment

500 ml Manju Fermentation Drink, 30 x 10 ml Manju Fresh Packs, 100 g Manju Sea Salt, 1 pack Coral Calcium.

Dosage for each meal:

10 ml Manju
1 pinch of Manju Sea Salt
3 tablets of Coral Calcium - in addition to or after meals.

Take 3 times daily with meals.

As an intensive cure, repeat the 3-week cure three times and take a break of 1 week between each cure.


Why follow the lunar cycle?

Once a month, the moon shines particularly brightly in the night sky. On the other days, it is visible to us as a crescent or half moon, or not at all. These are the so-called moon phases, which repeat themselves month after month. When the moon is exactly between the earth and the sun, it is invisible to us. We call this phase the new moon. But when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, the satellite is brightly illuminated. We now see the round full moon. Between the full moon and the new moon are the quarters when the moon only shows us half of itself.

The lunar calendar says that the position of the moon influences our soul and body and that the four phases of the moon have different meanings for us. The new moon, for example, represents a new beginning, the start and desire for something new, activity and the abandonment of old habits. Shortly after the new moon, it can be seen as a thin crescent that grows a little every day until the half moon and finally the full moon, before the cycle starts all over again. So the four phases of the moon begin with the crescent, which is the waxing moon that changes into the crescent and becomes the full moon. In the last quarter, the moon decreases again until it has disappeared completely.

People who want to change, who want to start a diet or exercise should start during this phase. So it is best to start the Manju lunar cure in a new moon phase.

When the moon is waxing, people need more rest and care. When the moon is waning, you are often full of energy and your general well-being increases. The full moon, on the other hand, has a concentrating and restorative effect on our body.  It is assumed that the body converts food into fat particularly quickly during a full moon. Therefore, you should tend to eat lighter foods at this time.