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Briefly explained: Manju food supplements

Does the name of the village of Ogimi mean anything to you? Probably not. But this small village is actually very well known. It is on the Japanese island group of Okinawa and has the highest proportion of centenarians anywhere in the world. But why is this? How do people live there and what are the foods in their diet that lead them to live to such an advanced age?


Discover the origins of our all-natural food supplements

Does the village of "Ogimi" mean anything to you? Probably not. But the small village is actually very well known. It is located on the Japanese archipelago of Okinawa and is the place where most centenarians in the world live. But why? How do the people there live and what ingredients are in their diet that contribute to such an old age?

The meaning of the name

The villagers eat a diet rich in plants, which they also use as medicine. The nutrients and plant substances in it are good for the body! For example, papaya is on the menu, which is locally called "Manju-i". This is why our fermented drink is also called Manju. This power drink combines the ingredients of the fruit with other valuable nutrients and takes your dietary supplement to a whole new level!

Purely natural food supplements made from fruit and vegetables

Manju only contains natural food supplements made from fruit and vegetables that provide you with the full benefits of nature. Regardless of the form in which you buy the natural food supplement - whether as a drink, capsules or chocolate - the vitamins and plant substances are the same. The natural organic food supplements contain no additives and fit seamlessly into a healthy diet. Because consuming a drink or taking a capsule is quick and easy!

Plant-based nutritional supplements – our Manju products

Nutritional supplements allow you to obtain nutrients that are lacking from your diet quickly, easily and without many calories by taking a capsule or another form of supplement. Manju fermented drink is a pure, natural nutritional supplement without additives that harnesses the power of nature. The vitamins and other ingredients it contains increase your well-being and strengthen your immune system. When you buy the nutritional supplement, you are buying natural defences for your body! But what else does Manju have to offer?

Following the moon with the plant-based nutritional supplement

The moon not only influences the oceans, but also our bodies. A cure that follows the phases of the moon can therefore have a very beneficial effect. The three-week cure should be repeated three times. Make sure that you always take a week's break between cures.

For the cure you need: 500 ml Manju fermentation drink, 30 x 10 ml Manju Fresh Packs, 100 g Manju sea salt and 1 pack of Coral Calcium.

With plant-based food supplements, you can do something good for your body and add important vitamins and nutrients to your diet. At Multikraft, you can check the quality of the fermentation drink before buying the natural organic food supplement by taking a look at the product certifications.

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