bioemsan Rose Facial Oil

Feel the softness on your skin. The wonderful wild rose cares for and protects your face from drying out.

Rose Facial Oil


Apply to the face, neck and - if required - to the décolleté, morning and evening after cleansing and toning. Ideal skincare for combination skin is the bioemsan Cleansing Milk, together with a few drops of the Rose Facial Oil, used on a daily basis. Simply blend the two products in your hand and apply.


The bioemsan Rose Facial Oil sets the scene and is a real skincare miracle. It's when the temperature drops that you need treatment that is just right for your skin. The soothing, rose-scented facial oil helps the skin to regulate its natural oil production. Exquisite extracts of rose buds in jojoba, rose hips and rose wax, combined with the Effective Microorganisms, bring out the natural beauty of the skin when used on a regular basis.

bioemsan balsam cream for sensitive and dry skin

For natural suppleness and elasticity. The combination of active ingredients including Roman camomile is particularly valued for its soothing and cleansing effect.

Balsam cream


Apply to the skin and leave to absorb, every morning and evening after washing your face. Also suitable for use as a cold protection cream and for babies' and children's skin. Apply a thick layer as a mask (also for cracked hands and feet) overnight - it regenerates the skin and results in a radiant complexion.

Ingredients and properties

With irritation-free almond, thistle and jojoba oil, soothing evening primrose oil, moisturising shea butter and camomile flower water; pure lanolin and hyaluronic acid retain moisture; liquorice root, melissa and marshmallow root sooth irritated skin; Manju, herbal extracts, ceramic powder and Manju Sea Salt provide a healthy hydrolipid film for the skin, while pongamol is a natural sun filter.

bioemsan moisturising cream for normal and oily skin

Velvety, easy care - the precious organic ingredients including fresh Aloe Vera juice combine to create a revitalising moisturiser.

Moisturising cream


Apply to the skin and leave to absorb, every morning and evening after washing your face. Also suitable for use as a make-up base.

Ingredients and properties

Hyaluronic acid, aloe vera gel, orange flower water and iris root moisturise the skin; shea butter and thistle oil nourish and protect, pongamol protects against damage from the sun; Manju, herbal extracts, ceramic powder, coral calcium and Manju Sea Salt activate the skin functions and provide a healthy acid mantle on the skin; extracts of lavender, marigold and camomile soothe the skin.

bioemsan cleansing milk for gentle and thorough cleansing

Carefully selected ingredients remove make-up from the skin and refine the appearance of the pores. Witch hazel bark and leaves strengthen the skin and make it soft and supple.

Cleansing milk


Apply to the face, neck and décolleté every morning and evening, remove with a moist (water, herbal tea or hydrolate) cotton wool ball; rinse with lukewarm water. Also suitable for use as an eye make-up remover.

Ingredients and properties

Thorough pore cleansing (including eye make-up) without changing the natural acid mantle; herbal extracts from Effective Microorganisms (rosemary, peppermint and sage) and Manju restore the skin's natural balance; olive and gold of pleasure oil provide suppleness; hydrolate and Manju Sea Salt moisturise the skin; ceramic powder protects against environmental influences.

bioemsan facial tonic for natural refreshment

bioemsan facial tonic with exquisite orange flower water very gently refreshes the skin.

Facial tonic


Spray on bioemsan facial tonic after cleansing and leave to absorb. Then rub in. As a moisture spray for dry air. For rapid refreshment when travelling or in summer, spray on the face and the whole body - also great for tired legs.

Ingredients and properties

Fragrant orange flower water combined with Manju, Manju Sea Salt and herbal extracts revitalise, activate and moisturise the skin.

bioemsan green tea peeling with ultra fine Matcha powder

A gentle peel for a invigorated, glowing complexion thanks to the revitalising effect of green tea.

Green tea peeling


Apply to wet skin (face, neckline) after cleansing. Massage into skin with gentle circular motions (avoiding the area around the eyes). Rinse off with warm water. As a treatment mask after peeling, leave to soak into the skin and then remove with a warm compress.

Ingredients and properties

Natural sea sand gently removes dead skin cells and callused skin. The revitalising ingredients of green tea provide beneficial relaxation and soothing of the skin.

bioemsan facial peeling cinnamon-coconut-vanilla

High-quality facial peeling cinnamon-coconut-vanilla with valuable ingredients for smooth, clean skin.

Facial peel


Mix 1/2 teaspoon of peel and 1/2 teaspoon of cleansing milk or moisturiser in the palm of the hand. Massage into the face, neck and décolleté with gentle circular motions until the nourishing substance dissolves. Then cleanse with lukewarm water or remove with a compress. Can also be used as a treatment mask: Leave on for 5 - 10 minutes.

Ingredients and properties

Sugar gently removes dead skin cells, coconut flour provides intensive cleansing, cinnamon and vanilla make the skin soft and supple, an essential oil soothes the senses. Leaves the skin looking smoother, healthier and younger.

bioemsan summer care with sea buckthorn and jojoba

Rich summer care combined with vitamin-packed organic sea buckthorn moisturises and also contains a natural sun filter.

Summer care


Apply to the skin as required and leave to soak in. Can also be used to care for skin irritation and to protect against cold in the winter.

Ingredients and properties

Natural sun filter thanks to high level of sea buckthorn pulp and oil, jojoba oil, extract from the fruits of the Indian karanja tree and pongamol. Value ingredients from EM technology, including Manju, Manju Sea Salt, ceramic powder and coral calcium care for and protect the skin. Jojoba oil and olive oil, mango butter and shea butter soften the skin, sea buckthorn oil has a cell-regenerating effect, aloe vera gel and orange flower water give precious moisture, liquorice root soothes the skin.

bioemsan sea buckthorn and olive sun protection oil

bioemsan sea buckthorn and olive sun protection oil contains valuable sea buckthorn oil and is rich in Vitamin C, protecting the skin against the drying effects of the sun.

Sun protection oil


Apply to the face, body and as after sun as required. A small amount of sunbathing has a positive stimulating effect on all the body's systems, including hormones, the nervous and immune system, circulation and metabolism.

Ingredients and properties

Promotes natural tanning and supports the skin's natural protective mechanisms by increasing production of melanin. Ideal for the face and body.

bioemsan lip balm

bioemsan lip balm provides intensive protection for sensitive lips thanks to the valuable properties of propolis.

Lip balm


Simply apply to the lips as necessary and leave to soak in. Also suitable as a base for lipstick or to protect against cold in the sensitive area around the eyes.

Ingredients and properties

Coconut oil, beeswax, gold of pleasure oil and shea butter lubricate and moisturise the lips; ceramic powder, Manju Sea Salt, sea buckthorn oil and pongamol act as a natural sun filter.

bioemsan Gesichtsseife Olive

Die sanfte Gesichtsseife Olive mit naturreinem, biologischen Olivenöl in Kombination mit Effektiven Mikroorganismen entfernt Schmutzpartikel und Make-up ohne die Haut auszutrocknen.

Gesichtsseife Olive


Mit kreisenden Massage-Bewegungen auftragen. Morgens mit kaltem erfrischendem Wasser abspülen, um die Haut zu erfrischen, abends warmes Wasser verwenden, um die Haut zu entspannen.

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