Three components - one concept

The bioemsan brand combines all the fundamental values that we believe are important for an organic cosmetics range. Valuable resources from controlled organic farming, made of wild herbs and various other natural products, are refined with Effective Microorganisms, Manju, Manju Sea Salt, coral calcium and revitalised water. BIO We use only the most valuable raw materials from controlled organic farming and other naturally sourced materials. EM Effective Microorganisms intensity the effect of the raw materials and herbs used in the products and have a positive effect on the acid mantle and the balance of the skin. The use of Effective Microorganisms means that at the heart of all bioemsan products are fermented herbs, Manju, Manju Sea Salt, EM ceramic powder and coral calcium. SAN Based on the saying: "Mens sana in corpore sano" – "A healthy mind in a healthy body" (Juvenal).

  • Purely natural: Only the very best for your skin
  • Highest available quality of raw materials from controlled organic farming
  • Full declaration of ingredients
  • Free of synthetic emulsifiers, tensides, fragrances and colourings
  • Cruelty and GM-free
  • Comply with the strict Austrian legal regulations for natural cosmetics
  • Certified by Austria Bio Garantie
  • Produced in Austria

They live the ideals of bioemsan every day and are 100 % behind the philosophy of this unique cosmetics range.

Born into a family with a thirst for action on 23rd June 1982. This is perhaps the reason why Katharina works so tirelessly on the further enhancement and development of bioemsan natural cosmetics. At the same time, she has completed her business management degree, which is a great help when it comes to implementing strategies. Gentle natural cosmetics and the harsh nature of the business world – a fascinating combination for a fascinating product – bioemsan. "I have always been enthusiastic about cosmetics. My mother induced my fascination for the world of scents and essences when I was just a child. She passed her knowledge of effective micro-organisms on to me and fostered my interest. The development of bioemsan, high quality, effective, organic natural cosmetics, was the logical consequence. Trips to Asia on the search for new uses and combinations are a particular source of inspiration to me. The knowledge of high quality raw materials passed on through generations, the holistic way of thinking and the unconventional use of cosmetics for every day purposes are what keeps inspiring me. Personal hygiene here isn't just personal hygiene, but almost a magical and sensual ritual. With bioemsan, I would like to pass on a piece of this to other people."

"The fascination of EM gripped me in 1999, when we were able to cure a highly allergic patient with it.” In many years of co-operation with his colleagues, Dr Schneider has been able to very successfully use EM technology concepts and products with his patients, achieving excellent objective and verifiable results. "I can see a bright future in further developments for a side-effect-free, accelerated cure even of chronic illnesses.” After completing a degree in dentistry, father of two Dr Gerhard Schneider (born in 1952) worked as an assistant in the prosthetics department at the University of Kiel with Professor Körber, before founding his own practice near Bremen in 1985. After being a doctor for naturopathic treatment for over 20 years he trained in Voll's electro-acupuncture, kinesiology, dental hypnosis and discovered EM for dentistry in 1999. Thus his conventional medicine was supplemented by a mild alternative cure. Today he applies this technology in all areas of dentistry. In 2003 Dr Schneider gave his first lecture on his experiences of using microorganism technology in dentistry at the international physicians convention during the Festa in Okinawa, Japan. Since 2003 development of the bioemsan toothpaste range with Multikraft.

High-quality ingredients are the basis for bioemsan natural cosmetics. They guarantee outstanding and unique care for your skin. Effective Microorganisms: Around a billion microorganisms live on the skin, where they provide a natural protective shell. This shell is under constant attack - Effective Microorganisms strengthen it because they influence every environment in which they are used in a positive way. DermaServ skin kind: Our products are very kind to skin, as confirmed by DermaServ, an independent research laboratory. They were tested on 50 subjects with the following skin types under the supervision of medical specialists: people with sensitive skin, with eczema and with allergies. Austria Bio Garantie: Austria Bio Garantie is Austria's leading organic control authority for the domestic market and surrounding countries: from organic farmers to the processors of organic products. The label and the control number guarantee that the products are of the highest quality.

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