Effect & benefits of our organic cosmetics

There are plenty of ranges of natural organic cosmetics products. But there is only one that is really different from all the others - because it also contains Effective Microorganisms. It is these ingredients that not only make the bioemsan EM cosmetic products unique, but altogether unusual.

  • Made in Austria
  • Free of synthetic emulsifiers, surfactants, fragrances and colours
  • Certified as skin kind by Austria Bio Garantie and DermaServ
  • Perfect purity: Best for sensitive skin and allergies
  • Valuable raw materials from controlled organic farming
  • Cruelty-free & GM-free

Applications for

100% organic bioemsan organic natural cosmetics

Organic cosmetics have experienced rapid growth in recent years, but not all products deliver what they promise. With bioemsan organic cosmetics, the Austrian family business Multikraft has made it its mission to use only 100% organic ingredients in its products.

Naturally beautiful, naturally healthy - scientifically proven
In addition to Effective Microorganisms, the most valuable raw materials from wild flowers and other natural sources from controlled organic cultivation are used for bioemsan organic natural cosmetics.

Effective microorganisms have a regenerative and antioxidant effect and build up a natural protective layer for the skin. The ingredients of bioemsan bio-cosmetics were tested by "Dartsch Scientific GmbH - Institute for Cell Biological Test Systems" using non-animal, cell biological test methods. The scientific test results show that the products not only stop cell death, but even build up new cells. The bioemsan organic cosmetics product line bears the "Austria Bio Garantie" seal of quality. Of course, bioemsan also does not use animal testing at all.

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