How a toothpaste is good for our oral flora and teeth

05/09/2018 How a toothpaste is good for our oral flora and teeth

Strong roots and healthy gums give our teeth the necessary hold. Our oral cavity is challenged every day by what we eat and drink. Its good to have a toothpaste that creates a balanced oral flora.

bioemsan toothpaste combines the effects of biological herbs with Beneficial Microorganisms. It is alkaline, stimulates cell renewal, inhibits inflammation and protects the teeth. Scientific tests and experience from dental practice prove their outstanding properties.

Innovative dentist
The bioemsan toothpaste was co-developed by the dentist Dr. med. dent. Gerhard Schneider. Coming from a Catholic family, he should have become a priest as a first-born son. Engineer was another option. "I turned to dentistry because I can also be helpful for people and because the craftsmanship is very important to me," says Gerhard Schneider, who was an assistant prosthodontist at Kiel University after completing his training as a dentist. In 1986 he founded his own dental practice in Ritterhude, north of Bremen in Germany. For more than 30 years, the attentive physician has included holistic procedures in his work.

Through his work he also got to know and appreciate the Multikraft technology and Ulrike Hader. "Soon I was making emulsions of EM ceramic powder and Manju and brushing the gums with them. Surprisingly, patients were no longer in pain and inflammation decreased." Based on his dental experience, Gerhard Schneider was involved in the development of the bioemsan toothpaste. The combination of their natural ingredients with special EM products makes them an extraordinary product.

Natural ingredients
The bioemsan toothpaste combines plants that have always been appreciated for oral hygiene and whose effects are recognised by modern dentistry. The organic extracts of sage, ratanhia root and neem bark, as well as resins of myrrh and propolis care for teeth and gums. Together with natural oils of clove, cinnamon and chamomile they strengthen the gums and counteract inflammations. The leaves of the stevia plant bring healthy sweetness. A small addition of essential bergamot and peppermint oil provides a good and refreshing taste. Effective microorganisms support regenerative processes in a wide variety of environments, including the oral cavity. No fluorine is added to bioemsan toothpaste, which makes it a thoroughly healthy product.

Gerhard Schneider: "For the people of India, the Neem tree is like a village pharmacy. It has a wide range of active ingredients that benefit us in bioemsan toothpaste. The plants they contain come from different cultures and their active ingredients have worked for thousands of years. What is new is that we combine the plant extracts with modern EM technology. The fermentation of herbs with Effective Microorganisms and the addition of Manju guarantee maximum bioactive substances. "

Regeneration and vitality
The experience gained from many years of medical practice has also been scientifically proven by the Institute for Cell Biological Test Systems in Schongau, Germany. In 2010, Prof. Dr. Peter C. Dartsch subjected the bioemsan toothpaste to an animal-free test procedure. This proves that the focus is on cell regenerative and cell revitalising effects, which support wound healing processes, for example.

Gerhard Schneider confirms: "Fibroblasts are cells found in connective tissue. The human skin ages because the activity of fibroblasts decreases and therefore we get wrinkles. bioemsan toothpaste promotes the growth and multiplication of fibroblasts in the mouth. It stimulates cell growth and initiates repair processes."

Antioxidant & alkaline
The above mentioned study proves the pronounced stimulation of the energy metabolism of the connective tissue cells within a few hours after the beginning of the action of the bioemsan toothpaste. When the cell system is activated, it produces new cells, builds up existing cells and removes free radicals from the cell metabolism.

Free radicals in the oral cavity are reduced by 40% thanks to bioemsan toothpaste. The metabolism is relieved and detoxified. The free radicals from preservatives or flavour enhancers in food are neutralised. All you have to do is think about a ready-made soup. When it is metabolized in the body, the free radicals are processed and strain the cell. With its antioxidant effect, bioemsan toothpaste intercepts free radicals.

"In addition, the bioemsan toothpaste is alkaline. That's a very important point. It neutralizes acids that are ingested with food, so acids can no longer attack the teeth. We also use the smallest abrasives on the market." stresses Gerhard Schneider.

Gentle on tooth enamel
Every toothpaste needs a cleaning material to clean the teeth better. Finely ground calcium carbonate also has a basic pH value. Due to its low abrasiveness, it cleans teeth very gently without attacking the enamel. The also alkaline, mineral-rich yellow clay acts as a further natural cleaning substance. The teeth are cleaned thoroughly but very gently with bioemsan toothpaste. A particularly good thing for tooth enamel.

Enamel is the outermost layer of our teeth. It protects teeth from irritation and damage. Tooth enamel is extremely hard and can withstand many stresses. However, acids and bacteria are able to soften it and make it susceptible to caries.
Like dentist Gerhard Schneider, the aforementioned study also proves that bioemsan toothpaste is particularly gentle on enamel while at the same time having a good cleaning effect.

Balanced oral flora
At the same time, it ensures a healthy oral flora in a completely natural way. With the microbial oral cavity alone, nature has created a small miracle. 600 to 1000 different bacterial species live in one millilitre of saliva. Most people digest food while chewing, inhibit inflammation and support the immune system. If these good bacteria flourish, we have a healthy oral flora with beautiful teeth. If, however, harmful bacteria spread, they convert sugar, for example, into acids that promote caries and attack tooth enamel.

This makes it all the more important to have a good toothpaste at hand that is alkaline and balances the bacterial load. For example, bad breath is an expression of disturbances in the bacterial balance of the oral flora. "After regular mechanical cleaning of the teeth and especially the tongue, bad breath is successfully treated with bioemsan," says Gerhard Schneider.

Healthy gums
"Every disease in the mouth is an imbalance of microorganisms. In Europe, every second person over the age of thirty suffers from gum disease. We have to restore the balance of microbes and keep the oral environment in order to keep gums and teeth healthy," explains Gerhard Schneider: "In our practice, for example, we brush gums and inflamed areas with bioemsan toothpaste and often achieve an inflammation-free state without having to tear the tooth. In my experience, the interaction of all herbal active ingredients with Beneficial Microorganisms leads to this excellent result. It is also important that the bioemsan toothpaste remains in the mouth for a long time. "

Long-term effect
In contrast to conventional toothpastes, which only work during direct application, bioemsan toothpaste has a long-term effect. This is also confirmed by the scientific study of the Institute for Cell Biological Test Systems. The longer the cream lingers in the mouth and throat even without the cleaning mechanism, the more intensive the effect.

Gerhard Schneider uses this effect very specifically in his practice: "Radiotherapy for cancer destroys cells and therefore often has a strong effect on the gums and teeth. Cancer patients are advised to remove all high-risk teeth before radiotherapy. With the consent of the patients, I place medication splints over the affected teeth and load them with bioemsan toothpaste. It is applied in the right places and stays in the mouth for a long time. All patients who have chosen this method so far have not lost a tooth and no gum complaints have occurred during radiotherapy."

The dentist Gerhard Schneider uses microbiological therapy with Multikraft technology very successfully in all areas of dentistry: filling technology, periodontology, surgery and prophylaxis. "The preservation and restoration of a healthy oral flora is particularly important in our practice." As a healthy bundle of energy, bioemsan toothpaste makes an outstanding contribution.

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