Exotic organic Matcha smoothie

09/12/2015 Exotic organic Matcha smoothie

Ingredients for exotic organic Matcha smoothie                                     
1/2 organic mango
1/4 organic papaya
1/4 organic cucumber
50 g organic yoghurt
330 g Indi Coco – pure coconut water
1 tsp organic Matcha powder

Peel, deseed and finely dice the mango and papaya. Halve, deseed and finely chop the cucumber. Mix the Matcha powder with Indi Coco coconut water. Place all ingredients in a mixer and mix until a creamy mixture is formed. 

Use 1 banana instead of the yoghurt

The green miracle Matcha - famous from the traditional Japanese tea ceremony - is the ideal ingredient for ambitious and creative cooking. The purest tea leaves ground to a fine powder, in addition to valuable minerals and vitamins (C and E) it contains very special secondary plant compounds such as catechine and polyphenols with huge antioxidant potential. These ingredients are what make Matcha so popular thanks to its invigorating effect. Matcha can be used either in desserts or in hot and cold drinks and has deservedly earned the nickname "Japanese espresso".

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