7 cool bioemsan tips for hot summer days

26/07/2018 7 cool bioemsan tips for hot summer days

Read how you can cool off on hot summer days through seven simple and natural ways.

1: Summery weightless ...
Especially in summer it is important to pay attention to healthy, biological and valuable food with a balanced diet. Lush meals strain the circulation and make you tired.

With fresh and organic nutrition you do more than just improve your health; you also improve your appearance, body awareness and well-being. So you can get through the summer without worries.

2: Drink a lot ...
Drinking a lot is especially important in summer, but drinks should not be drunk cold in hot weather. It is best to consume refreshing drinks at room temperature - the colder the drink, the more your body starts sweating.

Refreshment kick: Cold ginger tea
Cut the ginger into thin slices and boil for 20 to 30 minutes with a little water. Cover the brew and let it steep for a moment, drain through a sieve and refine the tea with a little lemon or lime juice, honey or Kulau coconut blossom sugar.

3: Light, functional clothing ...
Wear airy clothing, preferably made of natural materials such as linen or cotton. These materials are pleasantly permeable to air and thus provide a small cooling effect.

4. Always stay fresh ...
Sweating serves to cool the body on warm summer days and is essential for life. Up to three million sweat glands are permanently in stand-by on the skin to transport moisture to the surface when the body overheats. bioemsan deodorant - a vitalising composition of sage hydrolate and essential oils reduces unpleasant odours and provides a fresh skin feeling.

5. care for the complexion
Rich face creams are often too heavy in summer. bioemsan summer care and bioemsan moisturising cream with natural UV protection (Pongamol) offer sufficient care on hot days and provide valuable moisture. Both creams are quickly absorbed and protect the skin from too much sunlight while strolling through the city or in a café. If you prefer to apply an oil, you can apply natural sun protection to your body and face with bioemsan sun care oil. It promotes natural tanning and the skin's own protection through increased melanin formation.

6. Freshness kick in between:
If the complexion needs refreshment during the day, bioemsan facial tonic is effective. The wonderfully orange-scented blossom water spray is wonderfully invigorating and can be sprayed over the make-up.

7. Cool wrapped
High temperatures cause vein problems many people suffer from. Soak two cotton cloths in cold water and four drops of bioemsan mountain lavender oil. Just wrap it around your calves and enjoy! Then pamper your feet and legs with bioemsan foot cream. Peppermint and sage hydrolate in combination with valuable oils such as olive oil and shea butter revitalizes, pampers and moisturizes.

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