Effect & benefits in cleaning & indoor environment

Probiotic eMC cleaners promote positive bacteria, providing natural protection for our skin and our living environment. They create an environment where pathogenic bacteria cannot survive as Effective Microorganisms are dominant. Due to the natural ingredients and positive microorganisms, our probiotic cleaning products are exceptionally gentle on skin and materials (DermaServ certified). Compared to conventional cleaners, probiotic cleaning products offer significant advantages in eliminating microbiological impurities (extract from the report by Prof. Pfannhauser).

  • eMC cleaning products eliminate bad odours - no masking with perfume
  • Effective and economical: low costs due to high dilution rates
  • Particularly suitable for those with allergies
  • Outstanding cleaning performance on all surfaces and materials
  • Probiotic cleaning effect prevents dirt and odours from recurring

Applications for

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