Watering for all plants

Regular watering is absolutely essential for sustainable results and resistant plants. It encourages root formation, germination, flowering and fruit growth.

Watering the fertilisation


  • ml
  • ml
  • L
  • Effective Microorganisms Active
  • Terrafert Soil
  • Water


Mix EM Active and Terrafert Soil into the water and water the plants immediately, as this is when the Effective Microorganisms are most active.


Add to the water before every watering.


15 x EM Ceramic Grey Pipes / 1 x EM Ceramic 35-mm Pipe per 10 litres of water reduce water clusters, allowing nutrients to be absorbed more effectively by the plant. Simply add to the water and leave to stand for a short time, then mix in the Multikraft products.

EM Keramik für Regenwassertonnen und -zisternen

Auch in Regentonnen und Regenwasserzisternen kann durch den Einsatz von EM Keramik die Entstehung von Fäulnis verzögert und dadurch die Wasserqualität stabilisiert werden.

Anwendung Regenwassertonne


Die EM Keramik graue Pipes in die Regenwassertonne legen.

Anwendung Regenwasserzisterne


Die EM Keramik graue Pipes und EM Keramik 35-mm-Pipes in die Regenwasserzisterne legen.

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