Plant strengthening for all plant types

To improve the plants' natural defence system, they are regularly sprayed. The product mixture contains everything the plant needs to support it.

Spray solution - regular spraying

Spray solution

  • ml
  • ml
  • ml
  • L
  • Effective Microorganisms Active
  • Terrafert Foliar
  • MK 5
  • Water


Spray the plants liberally until they drip using a spray bottle. When in bloom, we recommend reducing the dosage to one third.


Spray plants once a week in the early morning and evening so that the moisture can penetrate more effectively.


For additional plant strengthening, nettle extract and horsetail extract can be used. Nettle extract is used as a fertiliser and as protection against sucking insects such as lice or spider mites. Horsetail extract contains a large amount of siliceous silica, which is important for strengthening the cells of the leaf surfaces and stimulates photosynthesis (greening effect). Spores of fungal diseases such as powdery mildew or sooty mildew can penetrate strengthened leaf cells much more difficult. Spray plants at intervals of 7 to 14 days early in the morning.

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