Bokashi household bucket

Bokashi comes from the Japanese and means something like "fermented all kinds of things". The Bokashi household composters are a proven alternative to the organic waste bin and offer an easy way to turn kitchen waste into valuable plant fertiliser. After just a few days, the resulting leachate can simply be drained off with the help of a valve and used in highly diluted form (1:200) as fertiliser for potted plants or in the garden. The kitchen waste is fermented in the kitchen composter under exclusion of air, similar to the production of sauerkraut. This produces useful vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. After two to four weeks of fermentation, the "fermented miscellany" can be worked into the soil. There, the material promotes microbial activity in the soil and improves the physical, chemical and biological condition of the soil.

By adding Bokashi dried (alternatively: RoPro litter) and EM Aktiv to the kitchen waste

- rotting is suppressed and thus bad odour is prevented
- the ripening of the compost is accelerated
- and a high quality homemade fertiliser is produced.



Production of Bokashi from organic waste

Your kitchen waste is transformed into valuable fertiliser easily and odourlessly, there is no need for constant emptying to prevent odours.

Fertiliser from biological waste

  • Bokashi household bucket
  • EM Active
  • Dried Bokashi or RoPro bed
  • Spray bottle


Layer by layer, shredded garden and kitchen waste (e.g. vegetable and fruit waste, coffee grounds, grass and much more, but no meat or already rotten waste) is sprinkled with Bokashi dried and sprayed with Effective Microorganisms. After a fermentation period of two to four weeks, the finished Bokashi can be worked into the soil.


About once a week, the liquid should be drained off via the drainage tap, which can then be used in a highly diluted form (1:200) as a high-quality liquid fertiliser.

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