EM Ceramics in the water bowl

By revitalising the water with EM Ceramics, it is more cellular and more easily absorbed by animals.

Water revitalisation

  • 1 piece
  • EM Ceramic Ring for drinks


EM Ceramic Drinking Ring, Universal Ring or 5 pieces of EM Ceramic Grey Pipes into the pet's drinking bowl.

EM Ceramics in the aquarium

The zeolite in EM Ceramic Red Pipes absorbs ammonia nitrogen from the water, reducing algae growth and improving the all round well-being of the fish.

Improving water quality

  • 1 bag
  • EM Ceramic Red Pipes


Suspend the bag at a position in the aquarium where there is a good flow of water around the EM Ceramic Red Pipes.


Replace every 6-12 months depending on exposure.


The old pipes can be composted.

EM Ceramics for the water supply to aquariums

Swirling the water revitalises the water with additional oxygen and the resulting positive plant growth reduces algae formation.

Improving water quality

  • 1 x
  • EM Ceramic I-Swirler (with Injector)


Simply attach to the water supply pipe.


Do not cover the injector holes for the oxygen supply. This Ceramic combines the active principles developed by Viktor Schauberger with EM technology. A funnel is made from clay and EM. This swirls the water through a gentle twist as it flows through the pipe, thereby revitalising the water.

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