Humus development with Terra Preta technology

Terra Preta substrate is worked into the earth or spread like solid manure. This creates a very nutrient-rich soil for arable crops, flowers and plants.

Step 1 - Production of Terra Preta substrate

  • L
  • L
  • MK Soil
  • Charcoal


The first step is to ferment all organic materials anaerobically with MK Soil and charcoal in air-tight bins or silos for at least 1 month. The mixture is then fermented for a further 6 months in direct contact with the soil and protected from rain.


Never work charcoal directly into the soil as it removes and stores nutrients. During fermentation with organic material, it acts as a nutrient store and transfers these nutrients to the soil.

Step 2 - Application of Terra Preta substrate

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  • Terra Preta substrate


Apply to fields, pastures and meadows and work into the soil. After a week, the area can be planted or seeded.

Production of EM compost (Bokashi) for fertilisation

This method speeds up the maturing of organic material, suppresses decomposition and prevents unpleasant odours. Bokashi is an optimum fertiliser for improving the soil.

Step 1 - Building the heap

  • 1 L
  • 65 %
  • 35 %
  • EM Active per m3
  • Biogenic waste
  • Structured material such as straw, shrub cuttings, foliage


During turning, spray with an EM Active solution (diluted with water 1:10 to 1:100) and mix well.


If the material is too moist, it must be turned over again. To restart fermentation, also spray with 0.1 L of EM Active per m³.

Step 2 - Fermentation phase


Allow to ferment with no further actions for 6-8 weeks between spring and autumn, or 8-10 weeks in winter.

Step 3 - Bokashi application


Apply the pleasantly acidic smelling content to the surface or work in.


After 2-4 weeks the Bokashi is earthy and forms an exceptionally nutrient-rich soil.


Because of the acidic pH value of fresh Bokashi, do not plant or seed for at least a week.

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