Effects and benefits of Effective Microorganisms in agriculture and farming

There are a wide range of applications for Effective Microorganisms (EM), both in conventional and organic agriculture. The EM technology in farming and agriculture creates an optimum environment in the soil and on foliar surfaces, while simultaneously activating the organisms in the soil, resulting in faster heating of the soil and an earlier start of the growing season in spring.

  • Increase in humus formation
  • Improved soil condition leading to reduced erosion
  • Faster heating of soil
  • More vital and resistant plants
  • No groundwater pollution
  • Rich yield of high-quality food
  • Reduction of fertiliser costs

Applications for

Our products cannot unfortunately be applied as granules nor freeze-dried because of their complexity. Many good qualities would be lost with the current technology.

Après la fermentation, la valeur du pH devrait se situer entre 3,5 – 3,8.

EM Active is approved as a soil additive and FHE (Fermented Herbs Extract) as a supplementary feed, not as human consumption. For consumption, we introduce the approved food products Manju and Multi Impuls.

These are deposited yeast particles. They do not affect product quality.

Yes, our products are very stable and can be used with conventional herbicides/pesticides for a certain time (<12 hours). But it is important that they are only added in a diluted solution, that is, metered at the very end in the injection or casting solution.
With spray treatments, they should be filled in the syringe as the last component, as a watering additive best is automatically in the irrigation line, but they should not be filled together with concentrated fertiliser in the fertiliser mixer.

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