Best quality salads and onions

01/02/2019 Best quality salads and onions

„I don‘t give a damn about residues and waiting periods anymore when harvesting.“ Johann Prischink from Fugging in Lower Austria has been working with the Multikraft system since March 2017.

The vegetable farmer has been enjoying instant, great success with the Plant Power products because he now has fungal diseases and aphids under control. In 2017, he was already producing 90 % of his salads without chemicals and spring onions were completely spared from mildew.

The family-run company, now in its second generation, stands for regional fresh products and quality. The fresh and crisp salads stretch their heads out of the humus-rich soil towards the open sky. The range extends from lettuce hearts, cabbage and iceberg lettuce to the salad speciality SalaRico. „We produce vegetables 365 days a year that meet the demands of our customers,“ says Johann Prischink, whose company has been supplying one of the major retail chains in Austria for around forty years. The vegetable farm is known as a producer of salads and onions in Lower Austria. Onions have been cultivated by his parents since 1971. Today onions and salads thrive on around 45 hectares and both crops are a success due to receiving regular Multikraft technology treatments right from the start.

Strengthening of soil and plant
For soil treatment, Johann Prischink applies 50 litres of BB Soil and 5 litres of Terrafert Soil per hectare to his wide range of salads and potato fields before planting. Before planting the young lettuce plants, he pervasively pours them in the earth press pots with a mixture of BB Soil, Terrafert Soil (alternatively BB Seed can be used) and EM Ceramic Powder and then places them in the soil. The following leaf treatments in the field are carried out with a mixture of BB Foliar, Terrafert Foliar, MK 5, BB Multical and EM Ceramic Powder. The result: strong plants with beautiful roots. When the first aphids were visible in salads, Johann Prischink added Multikraft‘s Nettle Extract, and Horsetail Extract Concentrates for leaf treatment. Later he again sprayed the salad plants with both components one more time. As a result, aphids were no longer an issue. „All in all the Multikraft system works straight away.“ The same applies to the spring onion.

Spring onion without mildew
Our usual bulb onion is called spring onion. It is sown in August, hibernates in the field and is harvested in early summer. Onion seeds are fine seeds; the seeds are very small and are sown with a precision seeder after Multikraft technology soil treatment. After sowing, Multikraft technology leaf treatment with the components mentioned above is also carried out as with the salads. Zeobas Ultrafein is added to this mixture. This primary rock flour is used as a plant aid for soil formation and promotes soil life.
It acts as a pH buffer, as a nutrient and water reservoir.

„The leaves of the spring onion are treated three times. We knew these sorts were at risk of mildew. Starting to apply the Multikraft products was immediately a complete success“, vegetable farmer Prischink talks about his extraordinary experiences. „The fact is that by applying the Multikraft system, I don‘t have any mildew infestation on the spring onion and can thus achieve a really good harvest. This was never the case before.“ Great success achieved by treating leaves with Multikraft products. Johann Prischink was thus able to leave out fungicides completely. With the help of the Multikraft system, he was able to reduce the use of chemical pesticides by more than 90 % within just two years.
As recently as 2016, there were great problems with fungus despite the use of chemical crop protection products. In view of this situation, he thought of trying something different. In the spring of 2017, Johann Prischink got to know the Multikraft technology better at Multikraft‘s vegetable farming conference. He exchanged ideas with colleagues and decided to move in this direction.

Residue-free harvesting without waiting times
Johann Prischink simply wanted to try out the Multikraft system. Within a short period of time, he was convinced of the results both with salads as well as onions. „On top of that, the great advantage is that I don‘t have to think about residues and don‘t have long waiting periods for the harvest. I don‘t waste a single thought on it anymore.“ A great relief especially in stressful times.
As a proven supplier for one of the largest retail chains in Austria, the quality of harvest and delivery must be right on the one hand and on the other economic profitability must be ensured for the family business. Economically you, therefore, only benefit if you do not have to stick to waiting periods during harvest, and crops can be harvested without leaving any residue. For Johann Prischink, one thing is absolutely clear after only a short time of applying the Multikraft system: „My goal is to do without pesticides and only use them in an emergency. I‘ll definitely carry on using the Multikraft products. The results are simply excellent.“

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