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Solving the challenges involved in growing potatoes

The key requirements in potato cultivation are correct soil preparation, even tuber formation, high tuber and starch yields and resistance to diseases. At Multikraft, we can help you with our solutions and products.

Kartoffeln Feld

All the benefits of the Multikraft system for potatoes:

  • Faster formation of evenly sized tubers
  • Reduction in rotting in the seed potato
  • Prevention of phytophthora (potato late blight)
  • Increasing stress resistance
  • Healthy green leaves
  • Improved water balance
  • Allows the use of conventional plant protection products to be reduced

The products are applied in the form of soil and leaf treatments.


Improving soil breathing in potato cultivation

MK Soil increases microbiological activity and soil breathing by over 60 per cent!

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Praxis-Anwendungen - nachhaltige Erfolge mit Multikraft erzielen

MK Start/MK Blatt bei Kartoffeln

Kunde: Mutzke, Niedersachsen Deutschland

Anwendnung: 30 Liter MK Start je ha (Säschlitzbehandlung) und 6 Liter MK Blatt mit 3 kg MK Multical je ha / 3 Anwendungen

Zeitraum: Saison 2022


  • schnellere bessere Keim- und Wurzelentwicklung
  • gleichmäßigere Kartoffeln beim Roden
  • bessere Lagerfähigkeit
  • bessere Ertragsausbeute
  • mehr Chipsware (+1,9%)
  • weniger Schäden (-1,7%)

Increasing harvest weight in potato cultivation

In potato crops, MK Soil increases harvest weight by 19.4 per cent. At the same time, the amount of saleable potatoes rises by 15.1 per cent.

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Head of sales agriculture
Andreas Danninger