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Biostimulants provide sustainable environmental solutions for conventional and organic arable farming.

Biostimulants provide sustainable environmental solutions for conventional and organic arable farming.

Healthier soil, high yields

A valuable source of nutrients, a water store and a pollution filter: in simple terms, the soil is the basis of our existence. This is a good enough reason to put it at the centre of a circular economy. Healthy soil is essential for high crop yields.

But an increasing number of extreme weather events, monocultures and the use of synthetic fertilisers are having a huge negative impact on the soil. This is where biostimulants open up new approaches by supporting regenerative agriculture. They consist of a variety of different microorganisms, such as lactic acid and photosynthesis bacteria, together with selected plant extracts, and they enrich the microbial life in the soil. They also provide natural support for the absorption of nutrients and help to prevent pests and diseases.

As a pioneer in the field of biostimulants, Multikraft has developed a
range of ready-to-use products for the agricultural industry
that can be easily dispensed and will permanently improve the soil quality.

MK Soil
1000 l container €999.60

Efficient decomposition management with MK Soil

MK Soil is a decomposition management product from Multikraft that can be worked into the soil with the crop residues and when applying mulch. This promotes the germination and root formation of the subsequent crop. It also makes the nutrients in the soil more readily available to plants. When used with green manure, MK Soil supports the conversion of organic substances and prevents rotting in the soil.

All the benefits of MK Soil at a glance:

  • Preventing rotting in the soil
  • Activating soil life
  • Active formation of humus
  • Rapid breakdown of organic substances such as
    crop residues
  • Improved nutrient balance because of the increase in soil life
MK Start
1000 l container €2,791.00

Get a head start with MK Start

MK Start promotes the growth of seedlings and is applied when sowing or planting out. It permanently improves root formation, increases the absorption of water and nutrients and significantly strengthens the resilience of the plants.

All the benefits of MK Start at a glance:

  • Promoting the germination process
  • Rapid growth of young plants
  • Up to 70 per cent increase in the proportion of fine roots
  • More roots leads to better use of fertiliser
  • Improved drought tolerance
  • More roots, increased yield

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