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Reducing white rot in onion cultivation

Knowing your onions.

MK Soil can reduce the damage caused by white rot (Sclerotium cepivorum) by up to 32 per cent.

White rot is one of the greatest enemies of onions. With the aim of finding out which plant protection and plant strengthening products are most effective, the Barworth Ltd (Agricultural Research and Development Services, Heckington, UK) test facility trialled 12 different products.


The trial

Alongside an untreated control group, the following applications were investigated, which ultimately produced the best results:


  • MK Soil 10 l/ha when sowing, leaf spraying with 10 l MK Soil per hectare every 3 weeks
  • Soil treatment with RiseP when sowing and 8 and 12 weeks after sowing (2 kg/ha)
  • Intracell (half quantity) from week 8 after sowing
  • Totalise 30 l/ha when sowing
  • Lynrd + JAC. Rate 1 (higher dose when sowing: 100 l/ha Lynrd, JAC 5 l/ha)


Applying MK Soil to the soil and the leaves reduced the damage caused by white rot by up to 32 per cent. This shows that probiotic plant strengtheners with Multikraft technology produce effects that are comparable with those of products from other suppliers.


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Head of Research and Development, Quality Management
Katharina Kraxberger BSc MSc