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MK Leaf to combat daisy rust


Reducing daisy rust attacks

Multikraft technology can effectively reduce the occurrence of daisy rust, one of the most common diseases suffered by daisy plants.

Multikraft increases plants’ protection against the disease. This was shown by a study carried out at the Weihenstephan trial facility on the effect of different plant strengtheners against mildew in daisies.


The trial

Bellis perennis plants (Robella Rose and Bellissima Rose varieties) were grown in 10.5 cm pots in a low-peat universal growing medium. Nutrient content of the growing medium: N-P2O5-K2O = 164-84-328. Six different plant treatment methods were used and each repeated three times.


Multikraft solution

  • 2% MK Leaf
  • 1% TF Leaf
  • 0.05% Multical
  • 1% fermented horsetail extract
  • 0.1% whey powder
Control untreated
Plantstrenghtening 1 0.5 % every 14 days
Plantstrenghtening 2 0.3 % spray 2-3x
Multikraft-Mixture weekly spray
Fermented horsetail extract 0.5 % weekly spray
Multikraft-Mixture + 0.1% Biplantol mykos V forte weekly spray


Regular use of the tried-and-tested Multikraft technology resulted in an 18 per cent reduction in daisy rust by the end of the trial.


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Head of Research and Development, Quality Management
Katharina Kraxberger BSc MSc