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Increasing harvest weight in potato cultivation

Multikraft also has expertise in this area.

In potato crops, MK Soil increases harvest weight by 19.4 per cent. At the same time, the amount of saleable potatoes rises by 15.1 per cent.


Field trials

Barworth Ltd (agricultural research and development services, Heckington, UK) carried out a trial on two plots in a conventional potato field (standard farm practice with 240 kg N/ha) to evaluate the yield and quality.

On one half of the field, a solution of 50 litres of MK Soil and 200 litres of water was worked into the soil before the potatoes were planted. The other half was untreated.


One application increased the yield by almost 20 per cent. In addition, the amount of saleable potatoes rose by 15.1 per cent.

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Head of Research and Development, Quality Management
Katharina Kraxberger BSc MSc