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Improving soil breathing in potato cultivation

Kartoffeln Feld

Gaining ground.

MK Soil increases microbiological activity and soil breathing by over 60 per cent!

Soil breathing is a measure of the intensity of the metabolism and the life processes of the soil. It is an important indicator of functioning material cycles, communities of soil organisms and soil fertility.

It can be determined by measuring the amount of CO2 released. Two thirds of this is the result of the metabolic activities of microorganisms and around one third comes from root breathing.

Field trials

On one half of a two-hectare field (standard farm practice, annual potato monoculture, intensive fertilising), a solution of 50 litres MK Soil and 200 litres water was applied and worked into the soil. After six weeks, the soil activity was measured using the Solvita CO2 -Burst test.


The use of 50 litres of MK Soil per hectare improved soil breathing by more than 60 per cent.

Table right: Averaged results of the Solvita CO2-Burst test (ppm/24 h)


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Head of Research and Development, Quality Management
Katharina Kraxberger BSc MSc