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Ecological sports field maintenance

Ecological sports field maintenance for less compaction and better playability

Sports turf surfaces are intensively managed monocultures that have to withstand the highest stresses. In order to maintain the quality of the playing surface to a high degree, the turf must be intensively maintained. The standard mineral fertilizers and pesticides used are problematic for people and the environment, and they ultimately damage the turf grasses. 

With the help of Multikraft's natural microbial products, not only is root activity noticeably improved, but the soil is also aerated in the best possible way. This prevents the formation of rot and moisture. Your sports field is maintained ecologically and at the same time you do something good for the environment.


Advantages of treatment with the Multikraftsystem

  • Better rooting and growth of the lawn.
  • Promotion of a more robust and tread-resistant lawn
  • Acceleration of turf closure and better regenerative growth
  • Promoting the permeability of the drainage system
  • Reduction of pests (meadow snails, etc.)
  • Inhibition of fungal problems
  • Richer green
  • Less compaction
  • Better playability in adverse weather conditions
  • Increase in stress resistance of turf (high temperatures in summer, etc.)

Ecological means for lawn care have many advantages, but rarely work immediately. Therefore, begin treatment in the spring from the beginning of April. Therefore, initiate spring care directly at the beginning of growth of grasses.

Sports field Pichl bei Wels BEFORE treatment
Sports field Pichl bei Wels AFTER treatment


Initial treatment per 1000 m²:
10 L MK Start

1 x per week in irrigation per 1000m2:
3 L MK Start

Additionally for problem lawns, fungal infections, pest accumulations weekly spraying of the lawn with:
5 L MK Vegetable
350 g MK Multical
30 - 50 L of water

Foliar spraying not in direct sunlight.

MK Multical
1 kg can From €9.40
MK Vegetable
10 l bag/box From €96.00
MK Start
10 l bag/box From €51.90