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Overcoming the challenges of rearing sheep and goats

Alongside optimum feed conversion and improving the digestive function, the main challenges are stressful situations (such as birth and transport) and also diseases (for example foot rot), which can lead to increased costs, reduced growth and losses.

The regular use of Multikraft FHE (Fermented Herb Extract) is a lasting solution to these problems.

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All the benefits of Multikraft FHE in rearing sheep and goats:

  • Increases the appetite
  • Increasing resistance to disease
  • Reducing digestive problems
  • Improving the atmosphere inside farm buildings (in particular in sloping floor systems)
  • Positive probiotic effect on the animals’ microbiome
FHE (Fermented Herb Extract)
1000 l container €972.20

Fermented Herb Extract (FHE)

FHE is made from carefully selected organic herbs, natural multimicrobial preparations and organic sugar cane molasses using a gentle fermentation process.

It is added to the animals’ feed.

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Head of sales agriculture
Andreas Danninger