EM Ceramics for water treatment in wells

EM Ceramics reduces the size of water clusters in drinking water, which enables better transfer of nutrients and minerals into the cells and more effective removal of harmful substances.

Well or water tank

Flow rate

  • Bag
  • Pack
  • EM Ceramic Grey Pipes
  • EM Ceramic 35 mm Pipes


Always install EM Ceramic Grey Pipes along with the EM Ceramic 35 mm Pipes at a point in the domestic well where they are immersed in a good flow of water.


The lower the pipes can be attached, the more effective they are.

EM Ceramics for household water supplies

The EM Ceramic Water Reactor improves the water quality throughout the household, changes the structure of limescale and prevents it from accumulating in pipes.

Water revitalisation

  • 1 x
  • EM Ceramic Water Reactor


The EM Ceramic Water Reactor should be professionally installed in the water pipe by a qualified engineer.


The EM Ceramic Water Reactor has an unlimited flow rate.


The EM Ceramic Water Reactor should ideally be dismantled and cleaned once a year.

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