Spraying mould spots to reduce them

The treatment can permanently combat mould and also prevent it in areas at risk.

Spray solution

  • ml
  • L
  • EM Clear active or any eMC cleaner
  • Water


Spray the solution onto the affected areas twice a day.


Alternatively, the ready-to-use EM Clear active spray solution can be used.

Painting over mould contamination

This additive can be mixed into any wall paint and acts to prevent and reduce mould contamination.

Additive to paint

  • 2 %
  • 0.5 %
  • 97.5 %
  • EM Ceramic Powder Amron A
  • EM Clear active
  • Paint


Immediately before painting, mix EM Ceramic Powder Amron A with EM Clear active, then mix into the paint and distribute well. Then apply.

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