Effect & benefits

EM technology in animal husbandry

Using EM technology in animal enclosures prevents decomposition processes from starting and noticeably improves the climate in the enclosure. This eliminates the basic nutrition for fly larvae and greatly reduces the occurrence of foul odours. Incorporation throughout the cycle also makes agricultural fertiliser more valuable for soil and plants.

  • FHE (Fermented Herbs Extract) increases feed intake and appetite
  • Elimination of decomposition processes prevents build up of odours
  • Reduction in ammonia emissions
  • Improvement of animal enclosure climate
  • Eliminates basic nutrition for fly larvae, making fly infestation a thing of the past

Applications for

We guarantee FHE in a bag or box will last for 12 months; we guarantee 9 months in IBC containers. This is the minimum period that can be extended if stored in proper conditions (constant temperature).

Après la fermentation, la valeur du pH devrait se situer entre 3,5 – 3,8.

EM Active is approved as a soil additive and FHE (Fermented Herbs Extract) as a supplementary feed, not as human consumption. For consumption, we introduce the approved food products Manju and Multi Impuls.

These are deposited yeast particles. They do not affect product quality.

FHE should be stored at a constant temperature (no direct sunlight and thereby temperature fluctuation) and must not freeze.

EM Active should not be fed to animals for legal reasons, since it is registered as a soil additive. FHE is declared as supplementary feed and can therefore be fed to animals.

FHE is not applied as a treatment, but should always be fed to the animals in order to achieve an optimal and lasting effect. FHE also builds up and has an always improving effect the longer it is used.

Although FHE has been tested for up to 35 bars, we recommend that the nozzle pressure should not exceed 20 bars.

EM technology for healthy animal husbandry - EM livestock husbandry

EM technology (Effective Microorganisms Feed) increases appetite, well-being and resistance, optimises feed conversion and significantly improves the stable climate. Let FKE feed (fermented herbal extract) work for you. And improve the quality of life of your animals in a biological way. The use of EM technology throughout the stable prevents putrefactive processes and removes the habitat of fly larvae. The stable climate is noticeably improved, fly infestations and odour formation are greatly reduced. The fact that EM technology suppresses putrefactive processes also has a positive effect in other areas of animal husbandry.

For example, slurry, manure and solid manure develop considerably less odour through the use of EM technology and become more compatible with the soil and plants. Better feed intake FKE (Fermented Herbal Extract) can be applied to all animals. It is absorbed through the water and feed.

An automatic spraying system and an injection device or automated feed dosing system save a lot of time and make work easier. It reduces the manual workload to a minimum and makes the implementation of the applications even easier.

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