Our family business Multikraft already acted sustainably and ecologically before these words became common usage. All steps in our more than 40-year company history have been geared towards the goals of healthy food and environmental protection. Firmly anchored in our company philosophy is our goal to compensate for disturbances caused by environmental influences with the help of Effective Microorganisms. We want to improve water, air and soil quality sustainably and make an active contribution to climate and environmental protection.


Green electricity and solar energy

Our products are manufactured using all ecological measures. All energy requirements (production and administration) are covered by renewable raw materials (wood chips) and a 60 m2 solar system. We also obtain electricity from green energy and almost 100% of the printed materials and brochures are climate-friendly.


Heat exchangers instead of air conditioning

Instead of an air conditioning system in the production and in the new office building, a heat exchanger was installed, the residual heat from the production process is reused by a heat exchanger.


CO2 Footprint

As efficient and ecological as we already are, we still emit CO2 through our traffic volume and our transports. Thus our CO2 footprint amounts to approx. 3,995 tons of CO2 equivalent pollutants per year. By way of illustration: On average, a German causes about 11 tons of CO2 per year through his lifestyle (Source: The Climate Book by Esther Gonstalla).


CO2 neutral

We offset these unavoidable CO2 emissions with certified climate protection projects. We support a UN-CER hydropower project in Mali and a VCS-certified forestry project in Uruguay. This makes Multikraft the first company in our industry to voluntarily offset its emissions under the Kyoto Protocol and offer climate-neutral EM products.

In order to replace fossil fuels, a hydroelectric power plant was built on Senegal. Mali, Mauritania and Senegal will be supplied with clean energy by the project. This improves air quality in the surrounding area, which in turn has a positive effect on the health of local residents.
(Photo: Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG)

Instead of being populated with beef cattle, a total of 21,000 hectares of land is now being planted with trees. The forest plantations will be built to produce high-quality, durable wood products and to store large quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Of course, the plantations are managed in compliance with the FSC standard for sustainable forestry.

The forests mainly consist of Eucalyptus grandis plantations, which are cut and thinned so that they can then be used for sawing and veneering.

(Photo: Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG)

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