Using nature as a model, all our products are based on micro-organism strains that occur worldwide, which correspond to class 1 (suitable for food) and are 100% GMO-free. The fermentation products are manufactured in a multi-stage process with sufficient time for maturing and resting. Only then can the full effect of the effective microorganisms (EM) unfold. Last but not least, the high quality of our Effective Microorganisms products makes them practical aids for home and garden, in animal husbandry and agriculture as well as in cosmetics.

Quality control of the Multikraft end products is carried out in our own PCR laboratory and by research partners in Austria, Great Britain and Japan. All basic microbes are tested internally. Through constant further development, improvement and research, we at Multikraft produce high quality Effective Microorganisms that will continue to meet our high standards in the future. The implementation of the specifications of various quality standards such as the "International Organization for Standardization" (ISO) or HACCP, pastus+, QS, Bio Austria and Austria Bio Garantie constant information and further training of our dealers and partners through conferences, seminars and internal training courses help us to achieve our ambitious goals.

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