Manju spring package energy bundle

Functions & benefits

  • Manju fermentation drink 195 ml
  • Manju spraying bottle with vaporizer 50 ml

Manju spring package energy bundle

Take in new energy with the power of nature

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Start the spring with renewed energy and experience the full power of green papaya and effective microorganisms with each sip. Support your body with all of nature's power. The Manju spray bottle is the ideal companion for travelling.

The gifts of nature are always a treat. Manju fermentation drink is produced by carefully fermenting green papayas from Okinawa, brown rice, rice bran from organic farming and brown algae with special microorganisms. Thanks to the valuable natural content that is formed from the plant ingredients during fermentation, Manju helps to strengthen the immune systems and increase the feeling of wellbeing.

The ingredients are: Rice bran, brown rice, green papaya, kelp. Nutritional value (per 100 ml), calorific value 0 kJ / 0 kcal, carbohydrates 0 mg, protein 0 mg, fat 0 mg, sodium 6 mg.

The spray bottle for Manju contains an atomiser pump and a protective cap. The bottle is clear and holds up to 50 ml.

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Improving well-being

Improving well-being

Manju can be consumed hot or cold, in meals or in your favourite drink.

Lunar treatment for purification or strengthening

Lunar treatment for purification or strengthening

The package contains everything you need to start the day fit and full of energy. Content: 500 ml Manju Fermentation Drink, 30 x 10 ml Manju Fresh Packs, 100g Manju Sea Salt, 1 pack Coral Calcium

Antioxidant, regenerative properties of Manju Sea Salt

Antioxidant, regenerative properties of Manju Sea Salt

A high-quality sea salt that is rich in minerals produced using a specially developed process based on EM technology by adding Manju.

Manju Zotter chocolate

Manju Zotter chocolate

Finest organic chocolate with tempting fillings, combined with the beneficial properties of Manju and Manju Sea Salt.

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