bioemsan FELIZ NAVIDAD Christmas package (Spanish) ACHTUNG - Nur in Österreich erhältlich

Functions & benefits

  • Rum exclusivo 500 ml
  • Manju Zotter "Winter Magic" chocolate mini 20 g
  • Only available in austria

bioemsan FELIZ NAVIDAD Christmas package (Spanish)

Enjoy BioAgrepa rum and exquisite Zotter chocolate

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Give the gift of joy with the exclusive Feliz Navidad Christmas package. Combining BioAgrepa run exklusivo with delicious Zotter Christmas chocolate, this is a real treat. The 8 exclusive multikraft global Christmas packages offer you 100% organic products from Austria. An overview of the Christmas range is available under "New Products and Offers". Do something good for your and your loved ones' health and well-being.

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Improving well-being

Improving well-being

Manju can be consumed hot or cold, in meals or in your favourite drink.

Lunar treatment for purification or strengthening

Lunar treatment for purification or strengthening

The package contains everything you need to start the day fit and full of energy. Content: 500 ml Manju Fermentation Drink, 30 x 10 ml Manju Fresh Packs, 100g Manju Sea Salt, 1 pack Coral Calcium

Antioxidant, regenerative properties of Manju Sea Salt

Antioxidant, regenerative properties of Manju Sea Salt

A high-quality sea salt that is rich in minerals produced using a specially developed process based on EM technology by adding Manju.

Manju Zotter chocolate

Manju Zotter chocolate

Finest organic chocolate with tempting fillings, combined with the beneficial properties of Manju and Manju Sea Salt.

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