Bokashi household bucket Japan

Functions & benefits

  • Produces high-quality fertiliser for the house and garden
  • Recycle your own organic waste
  • Odour-free storage of kitchen waste

Bokashi household bucket Japan

The alternative to a conventional organic waste bucket.

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The Bokashi household bucket Japan is used to ferment kitchen waste and neutralise odours using dried Bokashi. EM Ceramic Powder is added to the Bokashi household bucket Japan plastic material during production, which guarantees an optimum fermentation process. The compost bucket is convenient and easy to use, with high-quality manufacture. The end product from the Bokashi household bucket is high-quality fertiliser that can be used in pot plants or your garden. The liquid that is discharged from the rotary valve can be used as a very high-quality flower fertiliser or drain cleaner when heavily diluted (1:1000 ? 1:2000).

Dimensions (H x W x D): Approx. 41 x 30 x 30 cm, capacity: Approx. 19 litres

To produce fertiliser using EM in the Bokashi household bucket, you also require the following products: EM Active (EMa) and dried Bokashi or RoPro Streu (Preta Streu).

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