Effective Microorganisms Active (EM-Active)

Functions & benefits

  • Numerous areas of use: garden, compost, indoor plants, ponds
  • Suppresses decomposition processes
  • Creates an environment dominated by regenerative microorganisms

Effective Microorganisms Active (EM-Active)


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EM Active (EMa) is used in gardens, ponds and composting. It can be used wherever things are growing, fermentation processes are underway and decomposition processes need to be prevented. In the soil it improves the biological, chemical and physical conditions, creating an environment in which numerous beneficial organisms in the soil can live.

EM Active (EMa) is an organically certified soil additive that encourages germination, root formation, blossoming, fruitification and ripening of plants. It is used in many areas in the garden: In water, it permanently improves the quality of the soil and ensures that nutrients added in fertiliser are optimally absorbed by plants. Spraying plants strengthens them and makes them much more resistant to external influences. In garden compost, decomposition bacteria are reduced and rotting is accelerated. EM Active is diluted with water and sprayed on or applied from a watering can. The solution should be applied immediately after mixing as this when the Effective Microorganisms are at their most active.

EM Active can be used in lined and natural ponds, biotopes, bathing pools and fish ponds. It encourages regeneration capability in the pond, permanently reduces decomposition processes and breaks down sludge. Treatments can be preventive or can be carried out in ponds that already have turbidity, severe odours or excess algae growth.

Individual approval in compliance with § 9a DMG 1994.

Listed in the resource catalogue for organic farming by InfoXgen.

EM Acitve contains water, lactic acid and photosynthetic bacteria, yeasts and sugar cane molasses.

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