Fresh Fritz

Gift set with bioemsan Shower Gel and Rosemary Shampoo.

Gift set "Fresh Fritz"


Fresh like a fish you swim through the river of life. Fritz brings you the necessary kick and provides natural and invigorating cleansing.

The bioemsan gift set contains: 

  • bioemsan Shower Gel, 200 ml 
  • bioemsan Rosemary Shampoo, 200 ml

Hilda Handsfine

Gift set with bioemsan hand cream and liquid soap.

Gift set "Hilda Handsfine"


"Kiss the hand" whispers Hilda to you and pampers your hands with purely natural ingredients and makes them soft.

The organic gift set from bioemsan contains: 

  • bioemsan Hand Cream, 70 ml 
  • bioemsan Liquid Soap, 300 ml

Karo Kiss Kiss

Gift set with bioemsan Toothpaste plus and Lipbalm.

Gift set "Karo Kiss Kiss"


Walking on Sunshine! Karo gives you and your dearest a charming smile. She sweetens your day and brings a good mood.

The bioemsan gift set contains: 

  • bioemsan Toothpaste plus, 80 ml 
  • bioemsan Lipbalm, 4.8 g

Leo Lively

Gift set with bioemsan Salt Soap and Bokashi Rub Oilx.

Gift set "Leo Lively"


Wild and Free! Leo lets you feel the liveliness and lightness of life. Natural care brings your skin back into balance for the next adventures of your life.

The bioemsan gift set contains: 

  • bioemsan Salt Soap, 75 g 
  • bioemsan Bokashi Rub Oil, 50 ml

Vali Vital

Gift set with Manju and Manju Sea Salt.

Gift set "Vali Vital"


Choose Happiness! Vali brings you vitality and joy of life and lots of power from papaya. Do your body some good.

The organic Manju gift set contains: 

  • Manju, 195 ml 
  • Manju Sea Salt, 100 ml
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