Grassland treatment for soil improvement

In addition to fertilisation with slurry, liquid manure or solid manure, a BB Soil solution is applied to the grassland.

Spraying after cutting

per year

  • L
  • - L
  • BB Soil
  • Water


Divide the total quantity of BB Soil over the amount of growths. With four growths, mix 50 L of BB Soil with water at a ratio of between 1:5 and 1:10 each time and spray.


Apply after every cut, preferably in the morning or evening, not in strong sunlight.

Fertilisation with slurry or liquid manure for soil improvement

Slurry treated with EM technology contains significantly fewer foulants and emits fewer nutrients into the air. The additional BB Soil added activates organisms in the soil.

Mix slurry or liquid manure with BB Soil

  • L
  • BB Soil


Add BB Soil to the slurry / liquid manure shortly before use.


Combined with charcoal, this use reduces erosion of the nutrients.

Silage treatment for high-energy and stable silage.

MK-Multisil causes heterofermentative fermentation, making the silage more stable and reaching the required pH value more quickly. This results in appetite-stimulating, high-energy silage.

Maize kernel, whole grain, grass, clover grass silage etc.

Solid silage

  • L
  • MK Multisil


Mix MK Multisil evenly into the silage.


MK-Multisil supports rapid formation of lactic acid and speeds up the pH value reduction during the silage process. Aerobic stability is improved, thus increasing the resistance to secondary fermentation.

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