Animal health and good yields - Experiences from Italy

13/04/2018 Animal health and good yields - Experiences from Italy

It‘s bitter. For the first time in sixty years, the Football World Cup will not include Italy. The good news is that in other fields of activity there are very pleasing developments. For example, with Evoluzione. The specialist consultancy firm from the north of Italy advises over five hundred farmers and works with near-natural methods in animal husbandry.

By regularly using FHE (fermented herbs extract), the health condition of the livestock shows considerable improvement. Evoluzione is convinced that by focussing on animal welfare, farmers can produce good yields and be economically viable.

In 2005, the Hader and Contardi families kicked off the Multikraft activities in Italy at a meeting in South Tyrol. In the same year, the company was founded by the joint venture. BIONRG S.R.L. operates in Piacenca as a partner company and wholesaler of Multikraft products for Italy. One of BIONRG‘s most important partners is Alberto Cappa with his company Evoluzione. The specialist consultancy firm supports farmers especially in the field of animal husbandry, in particular in the breeding and keeping of cattle, pigs, and fish.

”Our company was founded in 2009 by three experts who brought with them 25 years of experience working for the National Federation of Breeders - the Associazione Italiana Allevatori. We gained a lot of knowledge about the breeding and keeping of dairy cows here. Today, all three of us work as a partner in the company with nine employees. Five of them work as sales force,“ says Alberto Cappa. Over five hundred farmers are regularly advised and assisted by „Evoluzione“ in their work.

Economical & natural
In terms of orientation, the company, together with Multikraft partner BIONRG, pulls together. „We want to promote the health of the animals. Our goal is to use resource efficient products. This means we work with technologies that reduce chemical products.“ Alberto Cappa describes his approach and Chiara Contardi from BIONRG adds: „Nature provides us with the right balance for life and we want to pass this balance on to future generations. We are convinced that economic thinking and natural cycles can get along well and not have to work against each other. Evoluzione is always searching for new methods and making biological decisions.
This avoids measures that cause stress for animals and the environment.“

Evoluzione focuses its animal breeding and animal husbandry on animal welfare. This includes the quality of the food as well as the hygiene and the climate in the barn. „We try to get the best from the animals, so we respect them.“ said Alberto Cappa, who became aware of Multikraft‘s FHE (Fermented Herbs Extract) by BIONRG.

Consistent with FHE
„We regularly mix FHE (Fermented Herbs Extract) with the feed for the cows and the milk for the calves during the first thirty days to avoid
diarrhea. For this, we dilute 150 ml daily for the cows and 10 ml for the calves.“ Alberto Cappa reports on the consistent application with which very good experiences have been recorded.

Advantages with FHE
„The animals‘ digestion is significantly better and the consistency of their faeces is optimal. We regularly use FHE (Fermented Herbs Extract) for litter and in manure tanks or manure pits. A bad smell in the barn is no longer an issue.“

Overall, Alberto Cappa observes that with the regular use of FHE (Fermented Herbs Extract), diseases occur much less often and the animals are much more vital and healthy. „We were able to significantly reduce digestive problems and hoof diseases with these treatments, and generally find better milk production in cows. Our best results are in the manure. Implementing it is faster and the quality improves significantly thanks to the FHE.“

Economically profitable
„It is important to us to build a dominance of regenerative microorganisms in the intestine of the animals with FHE (Fermented Herbs Extract) and thus keep the animals healthy. Breeders often have great benefits, but at the same time some lose sight of the health of their animals. We want to give the animals the best and we succeed with FHE (Fermented Herbs Extract) very well.“ Alberto Cappa is certain of this and comes back to what he puts the focus in in his work: namely to combine well animal welfare and economics:

„When we treat animals with respect, we receive good benefits from them and can thus work profitably and economically. Despite many market pressures, we can use products and technologies in a natural way and at the same time achieve good yields for our farms. An important topic today and for the future. The companies Evoluzione, BIONRG, and Multikraft are pioneers in their diverse fields of activity. Successful ones, as you can see.


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