eMC Cleaner & Mulitfresh Roomspray in the hotel proven to be the best

31/07/2017 eMC Cleaner & Mulitfresh Roomspray in the hotel proven to be the best

"EM technology is an excellent solution for ecological management not only in private households but also in large companies." Sieglinde Kessler is convinced, Naturhotel Chesa Valisa in Vorarlberg.

Guests move into their rooms, open the balcony doors and let their eyes wander relaxed over the meadows and surrounding mountain peaks. Later, a delicious menu from natural cuisine awaits.
Healthy enjoyment and ecological orientation go hand in hand at the nature hotel Chesa Valisa. Located in the midst of the Kleinwalsertal valley in Vorarlberg, since 2007 the nature hotel has been a certified organic farm, whose simple wooden construction blends wonderfully into the landscape. How many ways Multikraft technology has proven itself in large-scale operation, says Sieglinde Kessler.

Alpine roots
The house can look back on a long history: in 1507, while Christopher Columbus was sailing to America for the third time, wood was cut in Vorarlberg and the Walserhaus was built at an altitude of 1,200 metres. The farmhouse became a guest house in the 1930s, and a restaurant in the 1950s. In 1985 the house, taken over by Klaus and Sieglinde Kessler, the fourth generation of the family to do so. Today their family business combines tradition and modernity. Nature is an important asset to them.
It was with this attitude that they formed their corporate philosophy, which rests on four pillars: the intact countryside around the building, healthy
living, options for vitality, fitness and health, and conscious nutrition.
Chesa Valisa has won the „Green Cap“ award for his delicious natural cuisine. „Healthy nutrition with Walser natural cuisine has always been important to us and we want to offer it to our guests. There are now 17 organic farmers in the Walser Valley, and nowadays it is much easier to procure ingredients to organic quality,“ explains Sieglinde Kessler, who always uses Multikraft microorganisms when cleaning in the large kitchen.

Powerful cleaning
„We heard about Multikraft technology at a lecture by Katharina Krebs here on the premises and were immediately hooked. I am really impressed with the probiotic eMC® Cleaners because they do no harm to the environment and no gloves are needed for our employees. At the same time, the cleaning effect is ideal.“
So spray bottles with diluted eMC® Power Cleaner are everywhere in the kitchen as a matter of course. Work surfaces are regularly cleaned with a 1:10 mixture of eMC® Power Cleaner and water. Likewise, the eMC®
Power Cleaner is used to clean floors. „We don‘t have any greasy film in the kitchen at all, either on the work surfaces or on the floors,“ says Sieglinde Kessler with satisfaction.
The drain directly at the stove of a hotel kitchen leads into the grease separator. eMC® Power Cleaner is put into all mopping water, and this goes into the drain. „This is very noticeable when emptying the grease separator. Hotels of similar size empty the grease trap 3-4 times more often than we do. The Multikraft microorganisms are the best at decomposition work here.“

Fresh indoor climate
The spray solution with the eMC® Power Cleaner is also effective in cleaning rooms and windows. „We add a few drops of cleaner to five litres of water, spray on the mixture, let it work for a short time and then wipe it with a microfibre wiper. That‘s all it takes. What‘s noticeable is that afterwards the windows don‘t get dirty so quickly.“
In addition, the Multi Fresh Room sprays ensure a pleasant indoor climate. „Especially in the high season, when the rooms are occupied again immediately after being vacated, it is important that odours are absorbed quickly. With the Multi Fresh Room spray Lemongras we get an optimal indoor climate and the Lemongrass fragrance brings freshness to the rooms,“ says Kessler, who swears by the all-round use of Multikraft microorganism in the house and garden. The eMC® Scale Cleaner also proves its worth in bathrooms and wellness areas, and the maids regularly sprinkle the red-flowering geraniums on the balconies with EM Active.

Stronger plants
Roses bloom wonderfully around the building thanks to Multikraft products. The four raised beds cultivated by permaculture gardener Andreas Haller grow vegetables such as cabbage, courgette, rocket and other salads, as well as herbs such as parsley, basil, sage, lemon balm and lemon verbena, which are sprayed with Terrafert Foliar and watered with EM Active at regular intervals to strengthen the plants.
Enthusiastic about the Bokashi household bucket, Sieglinde Kessler wondered how to use the system on a larger scale. Without further ado, she got two 500-litre rain barrels and made grille out of a steel sheet, which she placed half a metre above the bottom of the barrels. With these large Bokashi buckets, she gets the best fertiliser. „Our dishwashers, for example, empty the raw vegetable waste into these barrels and sprinkle them with a mixture of Organic Bokashi terra, ZeoBas basal rock dust, RoPro Streu (fermented charcoal grit) and EM Ceramic Powder. The barrels have an outlet, so that the fertiliser can be filled into canisters. The mixture is diluted and sprinkled on plants and borders, which then they thrive superbly, and even pests are kept within limits. Even at an altitude of 1,200 metres, Multikraft microorganisms are outstanding,“ explains Kessler, adding: „Multikraft technology is a wonderful solution for ecological business, not only in private households, but also in large companies. When it comes to ecological cleaning or plant strengthening, Multikraft products are the icing on the cake.“


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