News from the bio cosmetics series bioemsan

27/02/2019 News from the bio cosmetics series bioemsan

We have supplemented some products of the bioemsan organic cosmetics line and newly developed an intensive care cream. These bioemsan products will be available from 2019 with improved recipes in a new look. Product manager Katharina Krebs gives an insight into the cosmetic treasures and reveals beauty tips for spring.

Under discussion: Katharina Krebs, Product Manager bioemsan

Under discussion: Katharina Krebs, Product Manager bioemsan

Selected herbal extracts and beneficial microorganisms interact to form the bioemsan organic cosmetics line. For each individual product, the composition is carefully considered by experts in herbal medicine. Bioemsan products are purely biological and completely free of synthetic additives.




Both inner and outer values play an important role in organic cosmetics. The bioemsan natural cosmetics line has proven itself since 2003. What motivated you to redesign some products?

We stand for certified organic cosmetics from Austria and are constantly working on improvements. Our customers have given us a lot of positive feedback on our bioemsan organic cosmetics line. This motivated me to supplement the range and to further improve the already high-quality recipes. We have thus adapted our cosmetic products to current needs and supplemented them with the latest biological raw materials.

Herbal extracts from organic cultivation and Beneficial Microorganisms are essential components of the probiotic bioemsan products. What do you pay particular attention to during production?

We pay particular attention to good biological sources for all ingredients and to domestic production. Regionality is important to us and we have, for example, partially replaced jojoba oil with regional oils such as linseed oil or sunflower oil. When we source raw materials from other countries for our recipes, we support social projects. With shea butter, for example, we are supporting a women's project in Burkina Faso.

The ups and downs of care products is also a fine, pleasant fragrance. What do you attach great importance to with the scent mixtures?
The fragrance is always an individual impression. We develop a rounded mixture of essential oils for a product. With the bioemsan balsam cream, we have opted for a fragrance of chamomile and lime blossom. It is important to make sure that the oils fit well for the face or scalp. The nice thing about our products is that they are very well tolerated due to the combination of natural ingredients with Beneficial Microorganisms. With 15 years of experience in organic cosmetics, I can also confirm that Beneficial Microorganisms also have a positive influence on the shelf life of bioemsan products.

Let's take a look at the exterior. Packaging is a complex topic in natural cosmetics. It should be produced as resource-conserving as possible and recyclable, as well as break-proof and easy to transport. She should also lie well in the hands and please the eye with her beauty. Quite a number of demands at once that need to be considered.Yeah, I guess you could say that. Our packaging meets all these requirements. They protect the natural ingredients, are ecologically compatible and visually appealing. The bioemsan concept is well considered and implemented from the content to the outer shell.



With the new tubes no difference can be seen from the outside. However, they consist of 70% bioplastics. What are the advantages?

The new tubes have remained the same in appearance and still fulfil the same functions. They guarantee the same shelf life for shampoos and shower gels. What's new is that they are made from recycled raw materials. We thus act even more ecologically than before while maintaining the same functionality.


For the creams, Multikraft has opted for glass jars with a wood twist lock. What's so special about it?

The wooden twist lock of our glass jars is made of Italian ash wood and naturally glazed. This gives this packaging a special touch. The wood bears the FSC seal (Forest Stewardship Council). So it comes from sustainable forestry operations.
When designing packaging, the focus is always on making it as practical as possible. Practicability is one of the highest principles and must be combined with functionality and attractive appearance. Glass jars in the shower are impractical. For face or body creams, on the other hand, it is pleasant to use a handy glass jar.


With the successful bioemsan toothpastes, the range has been extended to include another toothpaste that is also suitable and vegan for children. What was important to you during the development of the new bioemsan toothpaste plus?

The bioemsan toothpaste plus was again developed in cooperation with Dr. med. dent. Gerhard Schneider. This time it has an even higher alkaline pH value to help even better with periodontosis and gum problems. The new bioemsan toothpaste Plus is also ideal for children and babies and a tasty highlight. It has a delicate taste of lemon and is slightly sweet due to xylith, which also has an anti-cariogenic effect. My daughter would love to eat that toothpaste.

You have done a lot to supplement the products of the bioemsan organic cosmetics line and to design the packaging in a useful and beautiful haptic quality. Is there also a completely new product?
The intensive care cream from bioemsan is a new product in the bioemsan organic cosmetics line. Its main ingredients are shea butter and coconut oil of the highest quality. This makes this cream the ideal care for sensitive skin, dry skin areas and generally a very good care if the skin is heavily stressed. A great all-rounder for face and body!

Wild rose seed oil, the extract of rose buds and other high-quality ingredients make bioemsan face oil wildrose from the glass dispenser a flattering skin care product. What is the best way to use facial oil?

The bioemsan face oil wildrose works wonderfully as a facial oil and also as a care oil for dry and sensitive areas. The wild rose is known for its special ingredients and it supports above all the skin regeneration. From the wild rose oil one knows already from earlier times that it works strongly regenerating. For example, it does dry, scaly skin very good. Wild rose oil also promotes collagen production in the connective tissue. This preserves the skin's ability to retain moisture. The bioemsan face oil wildrose works excellently after cleansing the skin.

Soon the spring will be here with its first feelers. What cosmetic tip do you have for pleasantly mild spring days?

In spring it is important to purify and revitalize our skin after the winter months. I recommend good baths with salt or peelings. Our bioemsan shower and bath salts are suitable for this because salt always has a very cleansing effect on the organism. One should always take a salt peeling or salt bath after a strenuous working day in order to leave all the stress behind.
In spring it is particularly important to do a face peeling again and again and to clean the skin well. Our bioemsan green tea peeling can also be used as a mask for longer on the skin. It has a strong antioxidant effect due to Matcha green tea powder, our EM ceramic powder and Manju. It makes the skin smooth and evenly beautiful. Ideal to leave old winter ballast behind and start spring fresh and happy!

7 good reasons why bioemsan was new and improved:

1 | Simply more regionality
bioemsan is organic certified organic cosmetics with the best ingredients. For this reason, the improved formulations for vegetable oils and other ingredients paid particular attention to regionality and used all regionally available ingredients.

2 | Simply more microorganisms
To put it simply, Beneficial Microorganisms have a regenerative effect wherever they come into play, thus strengthening vitality and health and preventing degenerative and disease-causing processes.


3 | Simply more fragrance experience
Fragrances enliven the senses and for this reason we have reworked the fragrance compositions to appeal to all the senses. Look forward to new fragrances in the bioemsan organic cosmetics line that underline the naturalness of the products.

4 | Simply more ecological packaging

In future, the bioemsan product line will focus as far as possible on ecological packaging. For this reason the shampoos and shower gels will be available in 200ml bioplastic tubes with a wonderful design. In future, three bioemsan products will be in glass jars with a beautiful ash wood lid and two products in a glass dispenser.


5 | Sustainability
bioemsan is based on fair trade and sustainability and is constantly on the lookout for new ingredients that have been added in the improved formula. The promotion of innovative projects in this area is particularly important to us.

6 | Proven
The bioemsan toothpastes, bioemsan lip care sticks and bioemsan salt soaps have been left unchanged. These products are very popular among all our customers and have remained unchanged in our assortment following the principle "never change a winning team".

7 | New
There is also a new product in the bioemsan product line. Look forward to bioemsan Intensive Care Cream for face, body and dry areas, which is also suitable for highly sensitive skin. The bioemsan body milk has been made richer in order to have even more care experience for the body. The bioemsan bath salts rose and green tea and spruce needles will be available in a practical size for one application.

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