Italian dentists recommend bioemsan toothpaste

06/12/2016 Italian dentists recommend bioemsan toothpaste

We all know how a friendly smile from the heart makes you happy, how a radiant smile can enchant you. A real smile awakens sympathy. And who smiles shows teeth.

Get the taste - bioemsan toothpaste

Well-groomed teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath - that's what bioemsan toothpaste stands for. It combines valuable plant substances with state-of-the-art Multikraft technology. Ratanhia root, peppermint and chamomile provide fresh taste and well-being. The neem bark in the homeopathically compatible bioemsan toothpaste has an antiseptic effect and promotes blood circulation. The cleaning bodies of both creams are absolutely gentle to tooth enamel and at the same time have a good cleaning effect. Their alkaline pH value promotes a healthy oral flora. These and many other advantages also convince dentists in Italy.

bioNRG - Multikraft's partner company in Piacenza - organised an event for dentists from the region for the first time in 2013. They were already familiar with Beneficial Microorganisms and were therefore very interested in learning more about bioemsan toothpastes. The response was extremely positive, as Chiara Contardi of bioNRG reports: "From then on everything went very well and the following year a dentist invited us to the national dentists' conference in Rome so that we could present the bioemsan toothpaste to a wider audience.

Conference of the Dental Society
Organised by the Italian Dental Society, this two-day conference takes place every year and deals with current specialist topics in lectures and discussions. Around forty dentists attended the conference and listened with great interest to the bioemsan lecture by Dr. med. dent. Gerhard Schneider, who presented the interaction between the components contained in the toothpastes and EM technology.

"The interesting thing is that the dentist society is made up of doctors who work in conventional medicine and who are also interested in effective microorganisms and holistic healing methods," says Chiara Contardi.

These conferences have given many doctors a taste for their work. In their practice, they use both bioemsan toothpaste and other EM products such as EM ceramic powder and EM ceramic pipes.

Well proven in the dental practice
Dentist Dr. Marina Torsello from Piacenza had got to know the Effective Microorganisms better at the conference 2013. In her practice she has been using EM products consistently for three years now and appreciates above all their easy handling.

"We recommend bioemsan toothpaste to our patients. Through their regular use, we notice a much better oral flora, without the need for additional chemical aids during tooth cleaning. I also add ceramic powder to the tooth cement to neutralize the toxicity. We add the EM ceramic pipes to the water we use to clean our instruments."

The bioemsan tooth creams balance the bacterial load in the oral cavity, promote cell regeneration and have a positive effect on inflammatory processes. With that nothing stands in the way of a winning smile.

Tried and tested in practice and recommended by dentists, bioemsan toothpaste is drawing more and more circles, as Chiara Contardi notes: "The experiences are all very positive. We are pleased that the overall interest in Effective Microorganisms continues to grow as a result."

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