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Certified probiotic, organic natural cosmetics from Austria - Naturally effective. With the power of effective microorganisms.



Japanese fermentation drink with special microorganisms, produced from natural ingredients in a year-long process. To increase wellbeing.



eMC stands for probiotic cleaning - Cleaning using the power of nature in homes, the kitchen, sanitary areas and for laundry.


"It's not just what you do, it's how you do it."

Effective by nature

Multikraft stands for implementing the ecological idea with the help of EM technology. The aim is to act in the sense of sustainable development and to improve the natural soil, air and water quality. This results in products with sustainable benefits for humans, animals and the environment. The basis of these products are micro-organisms, which were and are pioneers of all higher life on earth. Effective Microorganisms from Multikraft - also known as EM - is a liquid mixed microbial culture of naturally occurring fungal and bacterial cultures. The knowledge that soil, plants, animals and humans are intimately linked to microorganisms and that an intact microbiome is the basis for healthy development is the basis for the wide range of applications of our products.


Valuable by nature

Our goal is to compensate for disturbances caused by environmental influences with the help of effective microorganisms in order to make an active contribution to climate and environmental protection, so that future generations also have a chance to live a fair life in dignity. Multikraft products are manufactured in Austria according to the strictest quality criteria. They contain no genetically modified microorganisms and are therefore also approved for use in organic farming and food production.


Powerful by nature

The role model effect of Multikraft is taken very seriously by the entire team. We are aware that we can only ensure a better environment together. That is why it is particularly important to us to pass on our acquired knowledge in seminars, lectures or regular meetings. We also work closely with organic farming associations, environmental academies and environmental organisations.

Efficient by nature

Sustainability, ecology as well as environmental and resource protection are given top priority in all areas at Multikraft. We place special emphasis on ecological thinking and action not only in production, but also in the selection of partners and suppliers. Particular attention is paid to short transport routes and energy-efficient production.


Effective Microorganisms - What is EM?

Microorganisms have been colonizing our planet for four billion years. During this period, all areas of life - even the most extreme ones - have not only been colonized by microbiology, but also shaped by it. Today about 70% of the world's living biomass is formed by microorganisms and it is no exaggeration to say that there is no life or survival without microorganisms. Effective microorganisms are mixed microbial cultures consisting mainly of lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and photosynthetic bacteria.

The main property of multi-functional cultures is to prevent putrefaction and the resulting toxic metabolic end products and to support regenerative (renewable) processes. This results in a wide range of possible applications. Multikraft products are used in house and garden, animal husbandry, agriculture and arable farming, composting or the treatment of waste water. With bioemsan, there is now also a probiotic, certified organic cosmetics line Made in Austria. In cooperation with universities and professional users, we are constantly working on the development of new products to improve their effectiveness and open up new areas of application.


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EM Active

Our main product - EM Active - is a soil additive and plant strengthening agent used in all garden applications such as watering, leaf spraying and composting. It promotes germination, root development, flowering, fruit set and ripening of plants. EM Active improves the physical, chemical and biological condition of the soil, thus acting as a milieu preparer: rot is prevented. It also reduces algae growth and sludge formation in water bodies.


Multikraft Roots 

Multikraft Roots consists of effective microorganisms as well as various plant extracts and organic acids. The all-in-one product contains only natural ingredients and is regularly applied via the irrigation water. Multikraft Roots enriches microbial life in the soil, makes nutrients optimally available for the plants and thus strengthens the plants against negative environmental influences, diseases and pests. In addition, Multikraft Roots improves seed germination - generally the rooting and thus the growth of plants.


Terrafert Soil

Terrafert soil is applied together with EM Active via the irrigation water. The acids contained in Terrafert soil, such as humic acid and micronutrients, promote microbiological soil life. The application with EM technology stimulates root growth and development of the plant and fertiliser is better utilised.


Terrafert foliar

Terrafert foliar is a plant aid with organic acids, such as fulvic acid and micronutrients, which is applied together with EM Active via leaf spraying. This application strengthens the cells of the leaf surface and colonises them with a positive microbiology. Various diseases, such as powdery mildew, can be more difficult to develop as a result.


MK 5

MK5 is a biological product that does not directly control or destroy pests, but strengthens plants from the beginning, making them less susceptible to pests. Due to the ingredients of MK5, such as garlic, chillies and vinegar, the product acts as a natural pest repellent.


Horsetail extract and nettle extract

Stinging nettle extract and horsetail extract are used to strengthen the plant and support the plant's defences in a natural way. By fermenting horsetail or stinging nettles with yeasts, lactic acid and photosynthetic bacteria, as well as sugar cane molasses, an extract is obtained which strengthens the plants through leaf spraying. The main difference between the two: Stinging nettle extract has pest-regulating and horsetail fungus-regulating properties.


Molnasa whey powder

Molnasa whey powder is ideal as a wetting agent in combination with Multikraft products. It supports the surface adhesion of the agents on the leaf surface and reduces the surface tension of the spray liquid. By using Molnasa spray whey powder, you also create a better environment on the leaf surface, where the regenerative micro-organisms of the EM technology can develop better. Listed in the organic farming equipment catalogue by InfoXgen.


BB Soil

In agriculture, BB Soil promotes the fermentative decomposition of plant residues in the soil (= better humus formation). Furthermore, the incorporation of BB soil promotes germination and root development of the subsequent crop by improving the chemical, physical and biological condition of the soil.


BB foliar

BB foliar is used in combination with BB Multical (finest calcium carbonate) in agriculture and strengthens the leaf surface. This combination increases growth, plant resistance and photosynthesis. Calcium carbonate also regulates the water balance.


Original black earth with Terra Preta technology

The peat-reduced black soil for bedding, balcony flowers and herbs and the peat-free organic black soil for vegetable and raised beds ensure robust plant growth and excellent water retention in the soil. Original Multikraft Black Soil is produced using Terra-Preta technology. In addition to Effective Microorganisms, charcoal grit, organic horn shavings and fermented horse manure, it contains many trace elements. The plants are well provided for from the very beginning by the soil. Due to the denser network of fine roots, the plants absorb water and nutrients better and are therefore healthier.


Dried Bokashi and Bokashi household bucket

The Bokashi household bucket is used to ferment kitchen waste. The end product is a high-quality fertiliser that can be applied to potted plants or your own garden. The liquid that is drained off at the rotary valve is highly diluted (1:1000) a high-quality flower fertiliser. Bokashi promotes microbial activity in the soil and improves the physical, chemical and biological condition of the soil. The kitchen waste is put into the Bokashi household bucket in shredded form, sprinkled with Bokashi dried (fermented wheat bran substrate) and EM Active sprayed.


ZeoBas ultra-fine

Basal rock dust made of zeolite and basalt rock. ZeoBas ultrafine binds odours, is used for floor construction and thus promotes the soil life. The grain size of the primary rock flour is <20 µm. ZeoBas ultrafine has more SiO2 and a 10 x larger surface than conventional rock flour and contains zeolite. It acts as pH-value buffer, nutrient and water reservoir and is nesting place for Effective Microorganisms in the pond.


EM ceramic powder

EM ceramic powder is clay that has been mixed with Effective Microorganisms, fermented and then fired. During this process, antioxidants and other valuable ingredients are produced, which help to create a healthy environment for Effective Microorganisms. EM ceramic powder ultrafine (<10 µm) is used as a soil additive and increases the resistance of the plant. In combination with EM Aktiv and other Multikraft products, EM ceramic powder has a stabilising and antioxidant effect. Individually approved as a soil additive according to § 9a DMG 1994 and listed in the catalogue for organic farming by InfoXgen.


EM Ceramic Pipes

EM ceramic pipes reduce the size of water clusters and decrease the surface tension in water. The ceramic is fired at 1,200 degrees to 1,300 degrees. The pipes are used to revitalise drinking water, irrigation water and pond water.


FKE (fermented herbs extract)

FKE (fermented herbs extract) is a supplementary feed for all animal species to increase the appetite. FKE is also used in stable cleaning and stable hygiene, creating a positive stable environment. Spraying in the barn massively reduces odours and environmental gases in animal husbandry. The EM technology suppresses decaying processes in liquid manure, slurry and solid manure, less odours are produced and they are more compatible with the soil and plants. Listed in the catalogue of inputs for organic farming by InfoXgen. Can be used in organic production according to Regulations (EC) No 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008. Control body: AT-BIO-301.


eMC® cleaner

eMC® cleaners stand for probiotic cleaning with Effective Microorganisms. By colonising the surfaces with positive microorganisms, pathogenic germs are permanently displaced. The eMC® cleaners not only create clean surfaces, they also remain resting on the surface after the cleaning activity and become active again when the surface is soiled again. This results in less static charging. Bad odours are not simply superimposed by fragrances, but permanently eliminated. eMC® cleaners are used throughout the household and also help to reduce costs thanks to the high dilution rates.

Essential features of eMC® cleaners are

Probiotic: They promote positive bacteria and form a natural protection for the skin and our living environment.

Food safe: Compared to conventional cleaners, they have clear advantages in the control of microbiological contamination and are advantageous to use from a food hygiene point of view.

Health: Due to the natural ingredients and positive micro-organisms, the products are particularly gentle on the skin and safe to use. Irritations and skin allergies are counteracted.

Ecological and water-friendly: the cleaners are a natural alternative to chemical cleaners. They are effective even in pipes long after cleaning and are gentle on water.

Quality: eMC cleaners are manufactured in a multi-stage quality process at the company's site in Pichl, Upper Austria.


EM Clear Active

EM Clear Active can be used as a universal air freshener at home and on the move. It is particularly effective against dust, mould and mould spores and can also be used as a washing additive. EM Clear Active, without fragrances or essential oils, provides a natural sense of well-being and is therefore particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.


Multi Fresh Roomsprays

Multi Fresh room sprays have been specially developed for your home to eliminate unpleasant odours. They enliven the air in the room with Effective Microorganisms and thus create a positive room environment. Also ideally suited for allergy sufferers.


bioemsan Biocosmetics

We produce the high-quality "bioemsan organic cosmetics line" with a very special additive. The effect of the raw materials and herbs used is intensified by "Effective Microorganisms" (EM) in the cosmetic products. The additional ingredients such as Manju, Manju sea salt, EM ceramic powder and coral calcium make all products unique.
bioemsan features

  • Probiotic, certified organic cosmetics with Effective Microorganisms
  • Has an antioxidant, cell-generating, cell-renewing and anti-inflammatory effect
  • Made in Austria according to the highest quality criteria
  • Free of synthetic emulsifiers, surfactants, fragrances and dyes
  • Highest natural purity: the best also for sensitive skin and allergies
  • Certified according to Austria Bio Garantie and DermaServ skin-friendly
  • 100% animal-free & GMO-free


Bokashi Rub Oil

This special, freshly lemony-smelling oil from Bali is a valuable product for many applications and should not be missing in any household. For its production, medicinal herbs are fermented with the help of EM technology and the herbal extracts are then extracted with coconut oil. This multi-stage manufacturing process produces an oil that is particularly mild and thus also suitable for sensitive skin. In Indonesia, this oil has a long tradition and is appreciated by locals and tourists alike. Bokashi Rub Oil is used for massages, baths, to reduce odours and much more.



The secret of the name lies in the papaya. It is called the "melon of ten thousand years of life" or "manju-i" in Okinawa. A logical conclusion was to give our elixir of life the name of this most important ingredient: Manju - drop of long life. Manju takes up to 18 months to mature. More than a year in which this special elixir is created from green papaya, brown rice, rice bran and kelp with the addition of special microorganisms in several fermentation stages and maturation periods. Every drop of Manju contains all the power of nature. Fermentation with organic or natural ingredients creates a drink that does you good.


Manju Coral Calcium

Manju Coral Calcium contains valuable calcium from the Sango Sea Coral on Okinawa. The product is enriched with magnesium, vitamin K2 (from natural fermentation) and vitamin D3.


Manju Fermented turmeric

Autumn turmeric of top quality is fermented with sugar cane molasses and rice bran and pressed into tablets without the addition of other ingredients. Autumn turmeric contains 12 times as much natural curcumin as spring turmeric. Manju Fermented Turmeric contains natural minerals, trace elements and fibre. The fermentation process facilitates the absorption of the valuable ingredients. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and supports the cardiovascular system and liver function. In Japan turmeric is used as an anti-hangover agent.

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