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Certified probiotic, organic natural cosmetics from Austria - Naturally effective. With the power of effective microorganisms.



Japanese fermentation drink with special microorganisms, produced from natural ingredients in a year-long process. To increase wellbeing.



eMC stands for probiotic cleaning - Cleaning using the power of nature in homes, the kitchen, sanitary areas and for laundry.


"It is not only important what you do, but also how you do it."

That is the principle of the Multikraft family business.

EM is naturally effective
The family business places the greatest value in the area of consultation and spreading knowledge about Effective Microorganisms. With EM technology, Multikraft produces ecological products with lasting benefits for humans, animals, and the environment. The focus on ecological alternatives and sustainable solutions with Effective Microorganisms is always part of the company's philosophy. Working with nature as a model and the basis of these processes are tiny organisms - microorganisms - that are strictly speaking the basis of all life. Effective Microorganisms (= EM) are used in the home, garden, pond, in animal husbandry, agriculture and farming, the environment and water, cleaning, EM ceramic, wellbeing, bioemsan natural cosmetics and Manju - the power of Green papaya.

Naturally valuable
The goal of Multikraft is to balance disorders caused by environmental influences with EM technology to make an active contribution to climate and environmental protection, thereby improving things for future generations. Multikraft products are both liquid concentrates and powders/substrates, which are produced only in Austria - naturally under the strictest quality criteria.

Naturally powerfully
The role model effect is taken very seriously by Multikraft in Pichl bei Wels am Stumpflhof; we are aware that only together can we create a more liveable environment. It is very important to Multikraft that everyone has access to the knowledge and to work closely with farming associations, environmental academies and organisations, and provide additional synergies.

Naturally efficient
Sustainability, ecology, and environmental and resource conservation is a top priority at Multikraft in all areas, not only in the production of EM products. Multikraft also expects this ecological thinking and action from its partners and suppliers, in particular giving attention to short transport routes and energy-efficient production.

Effective Microorganisms - What is EM?
Effective Microorganisms - also called EM - are a liquid mixed culture of probiotic microorganisms. Our earth is 70% microorganisms. These little helpers have always been a pioneer and foundation of higher organic life. The main function of EM - which was originally used as a soil additive - is to prevent rot and the resulting toxic waste products and to support regenerative (renewable) processes. It not only optimises the soil life, but also promotes associated plant health. There are many areas Multikraft products can be used in: home and garden, animal husbandry, composting, treatment of waste water, and much more. Since 1980, the Effective Microorganisms technology has been used successfully around the world, the micro-organisms are completely harmless and do not contain genetically modified organisms. More information on all other Multikraft products can be found here

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